Busy Life

To you faithful readers, I apologize for this long delay in posting. Here on the Bontrager Farm, life has been rather hectic. Unless you have lived on a farm, you cannot really understand the pressure of getting the crops in the ground in the spring and then getting them out in the fall. The pressure was even greater this spring when it rained and rained and rained. While Marlin was busy planting the rest of us were his support team. The boys got up early to milk and did most of the chores. The girls made cookies and packed snacks and coffee to take to the field. We also prepared nourishing food that could be taken to the fields if the men kept working over supper time. The little ones took turns riding with daddy on the tractor. We have also been planting in our vegetable and flower gardens.
But no matter how busy we are, the babies keep growing! Rebecca is now an accomplished crawler and is strengthening her legs by pulling herself up by the couch, etc.
There is always time for hugs and loving!
Elizabeth loves gardening and digging in the dirt!

Just last week our tractor was nearly buried in mud! It was a quite a sight to see and hear those 3 powerful tractors struggle with the forces of mud. Our neighbor, Myron, was our Good Samaritan. Thanks, Myron!


  1. I guess that's one more reason for you to seriously consider green!!!

    PS> I can't believe you posted this picture knowing that we read your blog and always hope and pray for your conversion on this matter.
    We still love you anyways.

  2. Hey! Wat fun pix!

  3. it took two big reds to pull that one red out of the field? what in the world? oh well. it just solitifiys more in my mind why i love green! i still love you all though!
    anonymous #1 sister

  4. wow!!!
    red????i thought that color was everlasting???:)
    thanks for the post....grace

  5. I love that picture of the three tractors!! Reminds me of when we got both our tractor and our truck stuck in snow......oops!!
    Great job capturing the moment, Chelsy!

  6. Okay, we will respond to all you "green" commentors. We figure the tractor would still be stuck if it had been a green tractor that had come to our assistance! We also know that God was working through our prayers.

  7. We are a family of 11 and have mutual friends, the Stanges, that suggested we visit your site. It is lovely to "meet" your family. You can learn more about us at our blogs: www.adamsfamily11.wordpress.com and www.bonavita.wordpress.com.


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