Father/Daughter Retreat 2008

With the "best-est" Daddy in the whole wide world! Allison and I had the privelege of attending a Father/Daughter retreat with our Father on April 11th-13th, 2008. The retreat was held at the beautiful Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia. We drove down with 5 other fathers and their 11 daughters. We had a wonderful time and are so thankful to our father for spending this precious time with us!
~Sisters and best friends~
Beautiful butterflys at the Callaway Gardens.
God's creation is so spectacular!

A peaceful waterfall

Enjoying time together

New friends we met at the high tea on Saturday
Chelsy, April, Sarah, Allison, & Emily on a bridge at the garden.

With new friends at the high tea.
"Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations. Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, thou are God."
Psalm 90:1&2


  1. Oh I have always wanted to go to that retreat I am glad you got to go ! it looks like you had a lovely time ! the pictures are lovely and so are your matching dresses :D

  2. Oh...that looks like soooo much fun!!! I hope I could go some time.

  3. Looke like like alot of fun. I hoping I could go maybe next year.

  4. What wonderful time you must have had! ^^
    The dresses are beautiful! :)

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  6. This is really amazing! What amazing pictures! Many fathers will not dedicate this time, but you did what is right for the relationship of father-daughter.
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