~Hospital Photo's~

Little hands......safe in Daddy's hand
the "support crew" :)

And the "delivery crew", L. to R.-Nurse Rosemary & Dr. Minyon, with Rebecca & Mom


  1. Great pics! I am so happy for you... baby Rebecca is really cute. If only I could meet all of you... *sigh*

  2. bontrager family,
    she is soooo cute!!!glad that she's arrived safely....may god bless you as you teach her in the way she should go...blessings,grace chmelar

  3. lovely pictures of that little princess! :-) My heart will be with you all this weekend...maybe later I can meet this beautiful little cousin of mine! ;-) <3 Mari

  4. Makes me all ready to have another little one...
    Babies are wonderful, arent't they?
    Congratulations once again, and thanks for sharing such great pics!

  5. Thank you Becky for your words of encouragement about going overdue! It is rather stretching, isn't it!? I think that maybe the Lord knows we need a little extra time to get things done! She is a beauty, just like the rest of your sweet family! We loved meeting you at the Itasca Festival, and hope to cross paths again. May the Lord bless each and every one of you as you soak in her newness!


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