Mulching the garden...

Denver, Hudson, & Taylor....totally drenched!
The last several days have been especially busy ones for our family as we've been preparing for company this wk end. Lots of gardening, mowing, cleaning.....at times like these it is especially fun to be in a large family! Just imagine how much work you can get done when 11 people are helping!! (yes, even Hudson was carrying buckets of mulch to Mom....and having a blast!) We make so many memories on our work days, and usually get alot done.

This morning the project was mulching the new flower bed in front of the house, & also the one down by the shop. We started in a big hurry, because it was quite obvious that "rain was in the air", and our "weather reporter" informed us as we started that the rain was just a few counties away. Our "relay team" got started, and in no time mulch was flying. (literally, unfortunately...) 2 people in the pickup bed, loading mulch into 5 gallon buckets, 4 people carrying buckets back & forth, & 2 people dumping & spreading.....yes, we had quite a crew...and that wasn't even everybody! The weather man kept us informed and unfortunately the news kept getting worse. Here's a sample of the dialogue: "Come on guys!! You're doing great! Keep it up!! The rain is only 1 county away!!" Well, the "counties" kept getting smaller and smaller ( and the rain kept getting closer and closer) until, yes you guessed it, about 20 minutes near done, the downpour hit. We were too close to done to quit, so we kept going ....and got quite wet too! We got done though, and had so much fun!:D


  1. ahh!!! sounds like ablast!! :)
    glad you got it done and it is probaly
    have a great day, grace c.

  2. I loved your mulching story! Keep them coming! Can't wait to see you all!!!! :-) :-) :-) okay, I'm getting too excited! :-)
    love you all! ~Marissa


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