Winter Tour 2018|| Week 1

The first week of the 2018 Winter Tour has been jam-packed with services. We have covered a lot of ground; first we had concerts in Missouri, Arkansas, and Tennessee, and finally we ended up in Alabama for four days of ministry in the prisons.
We are thrilled to have Joshua and Cassidy touring with us! Joshua is our music manager, as well as assisting in a variety of other areas, including secretary work. Cassidy helps Joshua in his work, as well as singing and playing guitar and violin with us on stage. In their spare time they love to go on vigorous runs + walks together, and read, study + discuss all manner of things.
Rebecca and Cassidy, all ready for a concert!
Chelsy and John drove several hours to see us one evening. We enjoyed every moment with them! We miss Chelsy so much, but are thrilled for this new season as she starts her new role as wife.
Denver has been assisting with tutoring the three youngest, and he recently started a weekly history class with them. They are currently learning all about Greece and Persia.
Allison and Rebecca, ready to sing.
One day before a prison service, we, along with the Bowers family,  had the privilege to meet with former Chief Justice Roy Moore. We were inspired by Mr. Moore's dedication to truth and law. He is truly an unwavering man of principle and character.
Thank you all for stopping by! Visit the blog every Saturday through the beginning of April for a weekly Winter Tour 2018 update.
(posted by Allison)


  1. Hey quick question! Does your family do Scripture Typer for the BB? If so, what groups did you join? I saw Denver did some tests or something. :)

  2. Hey from Texas. Would enjoy seeing ya’ll again this year. Do you have a location for your Lott, Texas concert? Also is the Shilton, Texas actually Chilton?


    1. Hello Johnna,

      We're actually not singing in Lott, Texas. But we are singing in Chilton, not Shilton. Thanks for pointing that out!

  3. Bless your family.

    Thank you for standing up the way you do.


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  6. Are y'all still planning to be in Chapin SC on Thursday evening (Feb. 1)? My brother and I will be driving down from the upstate to hear you all. We are looking forward to it! :)

    1. Grace,

      We we still be at Chapin, SC. Looking forward to seeing you all!


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