Meet Denver!

Meet Denver, the sixth-born in the Bontrager family! Denver is eighteen years old and has had a lot of change in his life in the past few months. He went from being "one of the younger boys" to being the oldest son at home, in a matter of days! He has done so well with the change, stepping right into his new role and responsibilities with energy and joy. 

Denver graduated early (2016) and for the past year his days have been filled with lots of variety as he works and dreams toward what God has for him. He is employed on the family farm and most days find him here milking, driving tractor, and doing all the things that a farmer does. Additionally, he was recently trained in @ the Dutch Country Inn and has loved the variety in running the desk there occasionally when he is able. He has also worked for a landscaping company and is very involved in planning/planting/harvesting our gardens every year. He loves being outside and has spent hours and hours in the woods this fall/winter, anticipating a big prize. (and he informed me that he isn't finished hunting for it, either!) 

Competing in the National Bible Bee again this year was one of his highlights and he threw himself whole-heartedly into the study this fall. Nationals was an intense week of study, testing, reciting, and spending time as "iron sharpening iron" with his many Bible Bee friends. He didn't place as high as he was hoping, but as we all know, the actual placement is not the real prize, but the hiding of God's Word in the heart. (and doing that alongside hundreds of other young people)

Denver could possibly be labeled as our "stage clown" and a number of people tell us, after our concerts, that they get energized just watching him get into the music. Following Mitchell's departure from the band, Denver picked up the guitar this spring and now plays that on stage in addition to mandolin + violin. He is in charge of set up and tear down and contributes a lot to our musical arrangements! He will also be one of the "up and coming" writers that will be taking over the blog in the future. 

Denver is passionate about Jesus and living a life that glorifies him! Spare time can find him studying and reading about marketing, public relations, and business ideas. Visionary could definitely be his middle name, and I can't wait to see what the Lord does with all of Denver's energy and enthusiasm!


  1. Very nice. I have enjoyed our talks over the years. I wish I could help him with his quest for that big trophy. Also would love to know if he has ever black powder shot before or would like to?

  2. Looking forward to his future posts!

  3. I just watched his Bible Memory Bee on TV tonight. I cried as Denver recited Psalms 1:1-6. They are beautiful promises for an upright child of God. God bless you Denver as you obey and seek God's way as He fulfills your dreams to serve Him! hatchman360@icloud dsms


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