Meet Elizabeth!

Meet Elizabeth Caresse, the eighth-born in the Bontrager Family! Liz is Miss Personality, Miss Energy, Miss Social, and Miss Fashion. She is also thirteen, which goes along perfectly with the other labels. =) 

Elizabeth is in the eighth grade in school. She definitely takes after her older sisters in that she would be very fine with bypassing school and moving on with life, but it is a necessity so it is being done in due process. =) She loves music and plays the violin + piano. Piano is her favorite to practice, and she will sit and play/sing for hours. Chelsy has been training her in for the past year specifically to take over all of the piano playing, and Liz is now ready to transition into her newest role as lead pianist for our band. She also plays violin in our concerts, and sings lead and high harmony. Liz adores her new sisters-in-law and anytime she can see them is a favorite day in her book! She loves being outdoors, holding babies, and whipping up anything sweet in the kitchen. She often makes breakfast for our family and has quite a variety of meal she can do easily herself. She loves helping mothers with their little ones and it is a highlight for her whenever can babysit for friends' children for a day. Another transition for her this past year was stepping into the Laundry Lady role one day a week. That was a bit of an adjustment but she is learning!

She is probably the most social Bontrager and has dozens of friends all over the USA, Canada, and Mexico. There's no lack of conversation when Liz is near and she never meets a stranger. Whether she is surrounded by a group of teenagers after a concert, or asking a mom all about her babies/parenting, or practicing her sales pitch back at our product table after concerts, she loves to chat! Elizabeth is also very artistic and has multiple sketchpads in which she perfects a multitude of fonts and scripty scrolls in quotes and Bible verses. Elizabeth also competed in the summer Bible Bee, but quite frankly was a little relieved not to advance to the National Competition this year. She wants as much time as possible to be able to be involved in the wedding prep festivities for John + Chelsy. =)

Ah, how we love our sweet Liz, and are super blessed to have her in our family!


  1. I do think Liz is a very sweet girl

  2. BEULAH BENJAMIN DANIELOctober 26, 2017 at 1:19 AM

    I do think Liz is a very talented girl

  3. She is a beautiful girl I love their music

  4. Awww Liz! Love you!

    Excited to see y'all in just a couple weeks! =)


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