Wedding Countdown || Six Days

With Allison living at the hotel, the only way to have a last few family meals together was for us to take the dinner to her. Worked out fabulously. =)
We returned to our roots and followed the Amish wedding protocol of painting everything in sight.
Okay, not quite. But close! 
Thankful for the brother-in-laws to be and their assistance to our painting crew!
Josh + Rebecca, trying out the new piano that Mitchell got for Bryn.
There may be weddings coming up, but the gardens just keep producing like there is no tomorrow! Thankful for this little crew and their assistance in the salsa canning production!

Our church had it's annual Missions Conference again. Due to everything going on, we weren't all able to be as involved as last year, but we enjoyed the bit of time we were able to be there + be blessed by the conference.
Hardworking brothers, laying the floor in Carson + Carolina's home-to-be!
A little brotherly R+R target practice, after a long days' work.
Dad + Mom took the four youngest down to Kansas City to see the Solar Eclipse. They loved it!
Last mother/son date before the weddings!
Brotherhood bachelor party/campout/last hurrah as six single men, at our campsite across the road and behind the field. 
They had amazing meals (which they cooked themselves) played games, and blew things up. 
The food + games we saw them pack. The "blowing up" we heard continuously from across the field. Ah, boys and their guns. =)

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  1. Hi, I just saw your video “Piano Duet” on your Youtube channel, and my sisters and I all love it! Is this a song you did, or do you have sheet music for it? We also were wondering if you have any tips for learning improv/making up your own arrangements. We all play piano and have for many years, but none of us have branched off from straight classical until now, so it’s a bit intimidating to begin! Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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