Northern Tour 2017 || Post #32

The day after we were at Windy Bay Colony, we headed over to the Acadia Colony, where we gave a concert and spent some time with the people. It was our first time there and we were SO blessed by our conversations and time with these people! Can't wait to visit again sometime. =)
Above, outside evening picnic with everyone.
That night we gave a concert in their school gym. A number of people from other colonies were also there.
Singing and smiling!
They gave us a tour of their colony since it was our first time there. The level of productivity was quite mind-boggling! 
Walking through the acres and acres of gardens. Our favorite stops were at the raspberry + saskatoon bushes. =)
It had been baking day and the smells coming from that bakery were unbelievable. Here, we watched as some of the girls arranged platters of cookies to serve after the evening meal.
The little girls with new friends!

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