Northern Tour 2017 || Post #28

Sunday found us singing three times in the town of Valdez! First was bright and early, at 9am, on board a tourist cruise ship. 
After we sang, the caption let some of the children on board have a turn at the wheel. =) Here is Rebs!
Next we did a full concert at the church that was hosting us for the wkend.
A little stage humor with Denver. =)

After a church cookout at the local park, we headed to the local retirement center (where the pastors wife works) and sang/played for the residents there. One very sweet thing that happened there was that as we were singing, mom felt impressed to go over and give one of the resident ladies a back rub. Her initial thought was that that would seem a little strange and random, so she didn't right away, but then she kept feeling like she was supposed to. Within a few minutes she got up and went over (this was all while we were singing so we didn't find out about it til afterwards) and asked the lady if she could give her a back rub. The woman got tears in her eyes and told mom that her back had been hurting and she had been praying all day for God to send her someone to give her a back rub!
That story just gives me chills. What a good reminder to always be attentive to the Holy Spirit and what He impresses on our hearts!
We ended the day with a beautiful hike, on our way out of town, with some new friends.
At the beginning of our hike, we met a woman at the visitors center who was crying. She told us that she had lost her husband and two little children across the mountain and hadn't seen them for three hours. We gathered around and our friends prayed for her, and then we set out, promising to watch for them. 
And we found them! Denver and our friend helped them on their way back to the bottom. The picture is very fuzzy since I had to zoom in so much from the top of the mountain. Denver carried the little boy all the way down. So neat to be able to be a part of helping these people.
View from the top!
And another gorgeous view.
"The heavens declare the GLORY OF GOD, and the firmament showeth His handiwork."
Psalm 19:1


  1. What a wonderful story of God's faithfulness in helping you all find that lost father and children. Thanks for sharing! The scenery is so beautiful up there.


  2. Love that little story about your Mom and the lady, Chels! I love little things like that, that show God's faithfulness!!


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