Family Breakfast In The Woods

Saturday morning, we were up bright + early for a family cookout breakfast back at our campsite. With so many adults + different schedules in the family, (plus all the people in relationships!) it is rare that we are all twelve together, just us, for a meal.

This month is the closing of a stage of life for our family, and as we look forward to our family growing, we want to make sure not to rush through these days, but to stop and savor times in every season.

 So several special mealtimes have been set, throughout the month, and this morning was one of them. With a full day ahead, breakfast was the best option for everyone to be present.
So breakfast in the woods it was.
Fresh pancakes, sausages, eggs, and hash browns over the fire...
......served with watermelon, grapes, fresh raw milk, and kombucha!
Dad + Rebecca
Caught Taylor in the midst of a bite!
Sibling chat while fixing plates!

After family devotions, everyone was about to disperse, but we put the camera on timer and got a quick family photo first. It turned out fuzzy, (as you can see) and we aren't dressed up, and we don't match. Some people came straight from the barn for breakfast, and others headed there straight afterwards. =)
But I think pictures like this are the ones we are going to love the most someday! Informal, unplanned, but so US.  As the popular instagram quip goes,
"low quality pic...with high quality people." =)
 I love this tribe so much!


  1. Sweet family pictures, that looked so enjoyable. We've all been enjoying your posts this summer! Blessings during these special months, the van der Stoel's.

  2. I am having some health issues this summer and I just want you all to know what a blessing these posts have been to me. Each morning I look at your blogs and I just feel so much peace. Thank You so much

  3. Ahhh, those pictures show the sweetness of close family relationships!! They are wonderful pictures!

    I know all of you are excited about the weddings next month! My brother got married last year so I know how it feels being so close and getting last minute preparations done. I am so happy for the three pairs of love birds!


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