A Little of Social Life in May

Ten of us Bontragers and the "additions" took a flying trip (24hrs from start to finish) to Arkansas for some friends' wedding. As you can tell by the radiant smiles, it was a grand time and certain people absolutely LOVED introducing certain other people to the many friends at the wedding. =)
A loud and wonderful evening gathering with THE TRIBE, as our text loop is called. You wouldn't, couldn't imagine some of the stuff that goes down when we all get together. (or on our text loop for that matter!) Wonderful time with the in-loves to be and the Sugarbush clan. =)

Full stomachs and good friends make for some happy happy young men!
These two girls whipped up a breakfast fit for kings! 
Tea time-hosting a group of little ladies + their mamas.
Four wheeler rides abound! We all are big fans of Carson's business especially in this department. He is very generous in allowing us to make sure all of his ???? four wheelers get test drives and are still running well!
Work day of champions---invite a few friends to bring their office/writing/etc work and do it together at the coffee shop!
We recently had a young family visit for a farm tour. 
These two came from Canada + Mexico and gave us the surprise of our lives! Had a very short but sweet time with them-working hard, and then partying hard. So blessed by these girls!
Picnic lunch at the park, with friends from out of town, after church one Sunday.


  1. I'm just so happy for the 3 guys and their girls!!! They look so incredibly happy in that first picture!! :)

  2. Looks like lots of special times! Loved this update!


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