Upcoming West Coast Tour, 2018!

Our family has not been to the west coast since 2011, and we are excited to announce that the Bontrager Family Singers will be RETURNING west in the spring of 2018!

We are now booking for Arizona, California, Oregon, +Washington, for select March/April dates.
Please contact us as soon as possible to schedule a concert! info@bontragerfamilysingers.com OR #319-330-4513

We can't wait to see y'all, out west! =)


  1. Awesome what a blessing formGod to have the amazing opportunity to be returning to the west coast after about six years awesome can't wait for the tour post in 2018! (Even thou that is quite a ways away thou) hugs lov u an God bless yalls 😍😃👏🏻☺️

  2. Glad you will be heading back out West! Hope you fill the schedule, enjoy your time and make lots of good impressions and connections! Too bad you won't be back in Idaho.

    1. We actually will be coming through Idaho as well! If you are interested in booking a concert, please give us a call! #319-330-4513

  3. West coast! That's super exciting - hope you get to visit La Palma! ;)

  4. When will you be coming to VA next?

  5. Have you been booked in AZ yet?

  6. Ooh yay! What part of California?


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