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There are so many good things about being home in our Iowa place. One of those is reconnecting with all of our Iowa family + friends! We love them all so much and soak up the time to see all the Iowans again!
Above, Allison + I drove to Des Moines (end of April) for a day with several of our aunts + cousins, and our grandma. It is a yearly "Bontrager ladies" tradition to go there for garage sales for a day with whoever is able to come. We had such a party!
Olive Garden for a late lunch! It rained all day and we were so cold! I'm afraid they definitely lost money on us that day, with all the soup we ate from the unlimited soup + salad choice. =) Such good times!
Our church recently started up a mini orchestra to accompany the choir and congregational singing, and Liz + Hudson have been loving the opportunity to be a part of it.
Allison loved spending several mornings with these children, so their mother could go out for a few hours of quiet time.

Pancheros for lunch and then closet makeover shopping with our mother dear!
While we are speaking of Allison...she is invaluable these days at the hotel.
Public Relations Expert, Manager of All Projects, Marketing Director, and Hiring/Firing Queen, amongst other titles. =) Her social personality makes her perfect for her job, and she loves nothing better than doing everything she can to serve + bless her customers. The other morning she took some time to chat with this gentleman, a driver for the Amish, who was staying at the hotel.
Dad + Elizabeth, out on the town (Longhorn) for some quality father/daughter time.
 Several of us participated in singing/playing for the theme song, "I Will Arise", for our churches annual missions conference.

Mom + Rebecca spent an afternoon at Grandma's, with Rebecca learning a little more cross stitch from the pro. =)
Laundry time at the hotel! Allison took a few minutes at the end of her spring cleaning shift to assist our manager's wife with folding the ever-continuing pile of sheets + towels!


  1. I've enjoyed your daily blog posts so much! Thanks for sharing your everyday lives here.

  2. Elizabeth's outfit is really pretty! (In the third picture:)

  3. three cheers for owner/managers who take time to help the often-overlooked people. that encourages me!

    -Amy in NY.

  4. I love the professional polos for the hotel, Allison!!


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