Tour Schedule January 2017

We're officially heading out on our 2017 Winter Tour tonight, and we might be coming to a town near YOU!

Take a look at our schedule below to see if you can catch one of our concerts. We'd love to meet more of y'all blog readers! 

13...Hope Community Church, Lebanon, IN, 7pm
14...New Bethel Baptist Church, Eddyville, KY, 5pm
15...Bethel Baptist Church, Hartselle, AL, 10am
15...Berry Baptist Church, Berry, AL, 6pm
16-19...{Studio-Vocal Recording} Nashville, TN
20...Way of the Cross Chapel, Brooksville, MS, 7pm
21...Graysville United Methodist Church, Graysville, AL, 6pm
22...Renew Hope Prison Crusade, statewide AL
23...ReNew Hope Prison Crusade, statewide AL
24...ReNew Hope Prison Crusade, statewide AL
25...ReNew Hope Prison Crusade, statewide AL
26...ReNew Hope Prison Crusade, statewide AL
27...Good News Baptist Chapel, Dozier, AL, 7pm
29...Lighthouse Baptist Church, Dawsonville, GA, 9:45am + 6pm

Can't wait to see some of y'all out on the road! Feel free to email with any questions about any of our concert dates! info@bontragerfamilysingers.com

*In other news, prayers would be appreciated as we are currently spread out over the country a bit. Five of us are here in Nashville getting the instrument tracks done for our new upcoming album, and our parents + the other five are at home getting things packed + ready to go for three months. We absolutely love the perks of having a large family and being able to accomplish so much at one time by doing what we call "divide + conquer"! =) There is a lot to accomplish today before we all merge in Indiana for our first concert tomorrow night. We are thankful for healthy bodies + minds and the ability to work hard! We would love y'alls for God's blessing + protection on both this album and also the miles to be traveled.

"I have chosen the way of truth: Thy judgements have I laid before me. 
I have stuck unto Thy testimonies: O Lord, put me not to shame. 
I will run the way of Thy commandments, when Thou shalt enlarge my heart."
Psalm 119:30-32


  1. Y'all are in my prayers!! Hope you have a great start to your 2017 tour!

  2. Bontragers... I'm praying that you guys have safe travels!!
    May your vehicles all cooperate, may everyone stay in good spirits and in excellent health--strong bodies and voices!!
    I pray that God will go before you and prepare the hearts of all of the people who will hear you in the coming weeks - that they will be blessed and ministered to in a real and mighty way! May God provide for your every need and bless you with small miracles everyday!

    Blessings to you all! (I look forward to seeing you all this Spring)

    Prayers from Florida :)

  3. Hope to see you at one of your GA concerts! Praying for safe travels.



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