Join us at Bible Bee Nationals!

It is once again that time of year in our household! Early morning memory sessons. Middle of the day memory sessions. For that matter, Bible memory happens at nearly every hour of the day. The most common activity is Bible Bee, one of the most discussed topics is Bible Bee, and DEFINITELY the most often-asked question is, "Hey, is anyone available to listen to a stack of my verses?" =)

Back in the beginning of August, our five 2016 participants (Denver, Taylor, Liz, Hudson, + Rebecca) competed in the Bible Bee locals, and all five of them qualified to advance to Nationals. Nationals requires an enormous amount of hard work + dedication, but it is completely worth it. God has promised that His Word will not return void!

The National Competition is held in San Antonio, TX on November 16-20, 2016. (the semi-finals + finals events are held the 19th + 20th) While the actual participants are the top 360 scores in the nation, the public is invited to attend and watch/listen as these young people compete against each other in both Bible Memory + also Bible knowledge questions. 

The event is live-streamed every year and we know that many of you have told us that you love following along through the live-stream. However, if there are those of you who live nearby OR who are just wanting a little road trip OR would enjoy coming together to a conference where God's Word is lifted up and exalted above all else...than you just might enjoy joining us at Nationals this year! For the past three years all twelve of us have attended and it is one of the very few annual events that we wouldn't miss for the world!

Come join us! All the details for registering can be found here. Sign up now, because registration ends TOMORROW, October 15th!

Watch the above video to get a little sneak preview of what Nationals is like!

Also, if you think of it in the coming five weeks, please be in prayer for our five and the many other National contestants, as they study hard and hide God's Word in their hearts!


  1. We are SO excited to be there as competitors this year!!! Thank you for inspiring us to do the Bible Bee...if it wasn't for y'alls example in this we most likely wouldn't be doing BB!

  2. I totally second that, Rachael!
    Bontragers, y'all have been such a huge inspiration to me! If if wasn't for y'all, I most likely wouldn't have even considered doing the BB. Thank you so much for your example in your diligence and faithfulness in studying God's word.
    Keep up the good work! I'll be praying for y'all

  3. cant wait for it so that can watch this fun an amazing bible bee of 2016

  4. Well, I've definitely watched this clip more than once, haha - such good memories. :) Your BB'ers are doing an absolutely stellar job & it so blessed me to hear a bit of their reviewing! Continuing to pray!!


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