Bible Bee Study Tips from Josh

Hello everyone, this is Josh!

A few months ago, I mentioned the Bible Bee's amazing impact on our family.
In that post, I encouraged any one else interested to join the Bible Bee adventure this year!

As you probably know, if you are doing Bible Bee this year, the local test day is coming up on August 6th, in just three weeks! As a Bible Bee alumnus, I know how overwhelming study can get at times. So for all you Bible Bee-ers reading this who may be interested in a few tips, here are several things that you can do to prepare for the competition.

1. Memorize John 13-15
Since John is this year's study passage, having it memorized will really aid you in answering questions on the test. Having John 13-15 memorized verse by verse helps even more.
2. Memorize the key Greek words found in your study guide.
The test is sure to cover at least some Greek.
3. Memorize your memory passages word-perfect.
Even though you won't need to recite them all on test day, they will probably ask you questions about them on the test. It is especially helpful to know how the memory passages cross-reference to John 13-15.
4. Review the cross-references from the study guide.
Understanding the cross-references helps to understand the entire passage better.
5. Check out quizlet.com
It is a fantastic resource for preparing for the Bible Bee. A lot of other Bible Bee-ers (including my younger siblings!) post sets on Quizlet covering key words, cores-references, memory passages, basic John knowledge, and much more.
6. Last, always remember the purpose of studying God's Word: to know Him more.
It's not simply about cramming as much Bible knowledge into your head as possible---it's all about learning more about God and His Will so that you can know Him and make Him known!

Blessings to all of you Bible Bee-ers out there, and to all of you who study God's Word! Keep up the good work!!

"Thy Word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against Thee."
Psalm 119:11


  1. #7: ....and get your hands on Josh's study notes, if possible! :) Great stuff, Joshua!

  2. Thanks SO much, Joshua!! Really appreciate the tips!!
    Sooo...do you have any study notes for this section of John? =)

  3. Oh, and did you know if anyone was doing practice tests this year? the ones you sent last year were immensely helpful!!! :)

  4. Thank you so much for the tips. This is our first year and these are a blessing!! Keep on Bible Bee-ers!!

  5. Wow, I can't imagine how y'all can memorize all that you do... But I definitely admire that!

  6. Thank you for these tips! I sometimes do posts on my blog with links to various study resources. Would it be okay if I linked to this?

    @Rachael: There are at least three groups working on practice tests :).

  7. Anna,
    Yes, go right ahead!!
    Maybe get in touch with @Anna and she can let you know who is doing them! And no, sorry, I don't have any study notes for this section.


  8. Thank you!

    @Rachael: I will send you a link to some micro tests, and I'll let you know when the full-length ones are done, too (I'm helping with all three, so I should hear when they're done :)).


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