Announcing the 15th Annual Turning Hearts Celebration!

We are so thrilled to announce that our special guest speakers and singers for the 15th Annual Turning Hearts Celebration, will be Curtis + Lauren Bowers and their nine beautiful children!

Many of you will remember the Bowers Family from when they spoke and sang at the 13th Annual Turning Hearts Celebration in 2014. Their sweet family was a tremendous blessing to everyone they met and ministered to during their last time here on Labor Day, and we are confidant that the Lord will once again use them to bless and inspire the hundreds of guests who attend this event every year. 

The Lord has blessed the Bowers Family with a unique ministry and an amazing platform, specifically this year. They have sold their home and are on a "bus journey" for the year, traveling around the USA in their bus and sharing the a message of revival, truth, and hope in Jesus Christ. 

Now, some of you are new to the blog in the past year and are asking, "what is the Turning Hearts Celebration?" 
This post is for you! 
The Turning Hearts Celebration is a family day! It is free, open to the public, and specifically designed to bring people together for a day of encouragement, blessing, and experiencing the fun of "life in the country". You will have a chance to meet people from all walks of life (also literally from all over the USA + Canada!), eat ice cream, ride around the beautiful Iowa countryside on old-fashioned hayrides, help the boys bottle feed the baby calves, watch the afternoon milking production, listen to toe-tapping, heart-blessing music, have you hearts challenged by inspiring sessions, play volleyball, football, and all other sorts of games, and all in all, just enjoy a day with your family, friends, and new friends!

This event is held every year on Labor Day. 
This year that date is Monday, September 5th, 2016. The event opens at 12pm and goes all day long. Registration is not necessary-you can just show up! Information about the meal + schedule of events is available on the flyer below. (you can also download additional flyers on our website)

(to read more and see pictures from past years, please search "Turning Hearts Celebration" in the search box at the top left of the blog!)

And now a little more about our speakers/singers for this year! 
Curtis Bowers and his family have been operating home-based businesses for over 25 years. From screen-printing, vending machines, and fondue restaurants to real estate development, pastured poultry, alfalfa farming, and a Christian bookstore, they have loved the blessings of working together.

In 2007 Curtis was appointed to the Idaho Legislature, and in 2010, the Bowers family produced the Award-winning film AGENDA: GRINDING AMERICA DOWN. They have since traveled to over 40 states singing and speaking to promote their film. 

Curtis and his wife of 27 years, Lauren, have been blessed with nine wonderful children. (ages 5-21) They are currently touring full-time with their new film AGENDA 2: MASTERS OF DECEIT, which recently won "Best Documentary" at the Christian Worldview Film Festival.

The Bowers family continues to operate the independent film and distribution company Copybook Heading Productions.
To download the above brochure, please head on over to our website and click on the "events" tab at the top of the page. 

For those of you who are traveling in from out of state, there are several different local lodging options listed below:

DUTCH COUNTRY INN // 7 miles from our farm // call #319-656-3611
(if you wish to book rooms @ the hotel for any nights over Labor Day weekend, please call asap as the weekend fills up quickly)

WINDMILL RIDGE CAMPGROUND // 10 miles from our farm // call #319-656-4488

KALONA CITY CAMPGROUND // 8 miles from our farm // Call #319-656-2311


Hope to see many of you there! 
As always, please feel free to drop us a line via email with any questions you may have!


  1. I plan on coming like usual. I look forward to this every year. I think that I start looking forward to the next year's event about a week after each event. Everyone please do not be shy. I love meeting new people & learning about where they are from & what they do. I know I also love to here the music at dinner time each year with the family from Canada.

  2. sounds soo cool and wonderful!!
    Clo, Is.53:5, #UNASHAMED, heresclo.blogspot.com, YouTube channel-Clo Hale

  3. I wish we could come!!! I'm sure it will be a blessed event though! It always seems as if Turning Hearts has a great turnout and is such an encouraging time for all.

  4. Do the Bowers have a website or any social media for people to check them out?

  5. Sorry I had to miss this year. We all got the flu a few days before. I was really looking forward to coming. I still got junk in my throat and had to take breathing treatments as I was filled up really bad.


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