Welcome to the First of March + Super Tuesday!!

Good morning readers from across the country!

We have many posts and updates in the works but I'm just popping in here with an update this morning from my very temporary location at a Starbucks in Montgomery, Alabama. =)

Today is the first day of March! It is also Super Tuesday! Those of you from the following states (Wyoming, Texas, Minnesota, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Vermont, Oklahoma, Colorado, Arkansas, Virginia, Alaska, + Massachusetts) we are counting on you to get out and vote!

We have already said plenty on here to encourage you who to vote for. =)
We have spent hundreds of hours on the phones and knocking doors for the cause of truth and righteousness.
All day yesterday we campaigned in Georgia. Our entire family was spread out over the country talking to people of every stripe and kind. (more on that later-we have some VERY interesting posts coming in the next few days-you won't want to miss them!) 

Today we are excited to announce the publishing of a brand new tab on our website, simply called CRUZ. (a fitting, and quite self explanatory, title. =)) 

Please head on over to read articles, watch videos, and become informed on the record and information of the man who is beyond a shadow of a doubt, our most conservative and constitutional candidate running! And if you are from one of the above thirteen states, we IMPLORE you to get out and vote for Senator Ted Cruz!

If you have ANY questions whatsoever regarding concerns or questions you may have about Ted Cruz or any of the other candidates, please feel free to call any of us today. We would be thrilled to talk with you.
Marlin: 319-330-4513
Mitchell: 319-325-4529
Josh: 319-930-8886

I will close with sharing with y'all a text that my mother sent out to a group of her contacts this morning:
"Please be in prayer as thirteen states vote for a presidential nominee today. There are so many people so desperate for change that they are voting without really thinking logically! We are fighting a spiritual battle. (Eph 6:12) We need to pray against spiritual wickedness in high places! 
This is a very serious time in American history. We have this opportunity to vote for an able man, one who fears God, is truthful, and hates covetousness. (Exodus 18:22) 
Will you join us in praying that Americans will see truth today?
Pray that people would vote Biblically! 
Pray for God's kindgom to come and His will to be done in our country!"

"Behold, the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear Him, upon them that hope in his mercy." Psalm 33:18 


  1. I pray an pray a hope that more will see what cruzhas for us a him an vote great pistol it thanks hugs lov u guys an God bless u guys ;)

  2. God bless you for all the work you're doing! I just took a peek at the Cruz site and look forward to studying it more carefully. This will be a wonderful site to send others to. Every day I'm praying for revival and for Ted Cruz, and I've asked family and friends to do the same. We're holding each other accountable, reminding each other of our commitment because it is only through prayer that God will heal this nation. I will be praying for you.

  3. Way to go, Bontragers! Thanks for all your hard work. Praying...

  4. Saturday, March 5th, will be marked as the turning point in his crazy election cycle. I'm so blessed to have worked so much with everyone in your family over the past several months. Thank you all for all your work. I know you'll be going into Mexico this week. I'll email you all any and all needed updates and as always I'll be praying that you are all kept in a hedge of protection while you travel doing the Lord's work. And just to remind you, #GBR from a Cornhusker. I'm talking to two specific Bontragers here. Sorry to anyone else for the inside baseball.

  5. I have noticed that Trump likes to do name calling of states he does not win instead of thanking the people. Trump grow up. That is childish. Do we really want someone childish like that leading our country?

  6. Looks like the American public wants a criminal in office.

  7. It is very frightening to see that Kenneth Copeland is supporting Ted Cruz and that his father is connected with Copelands ministry. You don't have to publish this comment if you think it will make believers question Ted Cruz but it would be nice if you could write an answer what you think about this. We can only see this from a European point of view and we can hardly believe that your family would support this but things are different here than in the USA.

  8. Hello Anonymous,
    Thanks for your question! We are happy to share with you our thoughts.

    When our family made our decision (after much research + prayer) on which candidate we were going to endorse, we did so before many of the pastors, leaders, and politicians were giving their endorsements. We endorsed Senator Cruz on April 1st of 2015, and we made our decision based off of his record, (and God's leading) and not as a result of the endorsement of anyone else.

    It is important to remember that we aren't voting for the people who endorse Senator Cruz, we are voting for Senator Cruz alone.

    The reason that nearly all of our truly conservative friends here in America are, along with us, supporting Senator Ted Cruz, is because we have all chosen to vote for a man of character and principle. Our decision has been based on WHO HE IS as an individual, and not upon who does or does not endorse him.


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