Concert Tour Schedule//Winter 2016

We are a little behind with posting this, but wanted to take a minute to invite y'all southerners to join us at a concert nearby to you! We are currently touring in the sunny south and will be here for the next two months, hitting a few stops in the west on our way home.

3...Sullivan Baptist Church, Sullivan, KY, 6pm
4...Cross Camp Cowboy Church, Rainbow City, AL, 
5...Calvary Baptist Church, Statham, GA, 7pm
6...Living Waters Fellowship, Waynesboro, GA, 7pm
7...White Rock Baptist Church, White Rock, SC, 11am
8...Gospel Express Prison Crusade, statewide SC
9...Gospel Express Prison Crusade, statewide SC
10...Gospel Express Prison Crusade, statewide SC
11...Gospel Express Prison Crusade, statewide SC
12...Cornerstone Baptist Church, Springhill, FL, 6:30pm
13...Bahia Vista Mennonite Church, Sarasota, FL, 7pm
14...Hope Fellowship, Sarasota, FL, 9:30am
14...Bible Baptist Church, Bradenton, FL, 6pm
16...Birky Square, Sarasota, FL, 6pm
17...Sea Gate Baptist Church, Naples, FL, 6:30pm
18...First Baptist Church of SW Broward, Cooper City, FL, 7pm
19...Temple Baptist Church, Titusville, FL 6:30pm
20...Roberts Barn, Polk City, FL, 6pm
21...Crossroads Bible Church, Ocala, FL, 10:30am
21...Arlington Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL, 6pm
24...Sinclair Baptist Church, Millidgeville, GA, 6:30pm
25...Pleasantgrove Baptist Church, Avera, GA, 7pm
27...Saginaw Baptist Church, Nicholls, GA, 6pm
28...Reedy Branch Baptist Church, Broxton, GA, 10:30am
28...Grace Point Church, Ft Valley, GA, 6pm
MARCH 2016
2...New Life in Christ Church, Foley, AL, 7pm
3...Eastwood Baptist Church, Monroeville, AL, 7pm
4...Welcome Home Baptist Church, Dodson, LA, 7pm
5...First Baptist Church, Broaddus, TX, 6pm
6...Calvary Baptist Church, New Braunfels, TX, 6pm
9...Fredricksburg Christian Fellowship, Fredricksburg,TX, 6:30pm
10...Oasis Gym, Mexico
12...Nuevo Ideal, Durango (L2) Mexico
13...LaHonda, Zacatecas (L3), Mexico
16...Gnadenburg Gym, Cuauhtemoc (L4), Mexico
17...Schonfeld Gym, Swift (L5), Mexico
18...Santa Rita (L6), Mexico
19...Santa Clara (L7), Mexico
20...Los Jagueyes (L8), Mexico
21...El Agate, Suecos (L9), Mexico
22...El Valle, (L10), Mexico
23...Buenos Aires (L11), Mexico
24...Camello (L12), Mexico
26...Summerfield Church, Seminole, TX, 7pm
27...Community Church, Seminole, TX, 10am
27...Highland Baptist Church, Hobbs, NM, 6pm
29...Family Talk Radio, Colorado Springs, CO, 1:30pm
29...Living Waters Fellowship, Golden, CO, 6:30pm
30...Skyline Mennonite Church, Canon City, CO, 7:30pm
31...Church of the Nazarene, LaJunta, CO, 7pm
APRIL 2016
1...Mennonite Evangelical Church, Copeland, KS, 7pm
2...Journey @ Yoder, Yoder, Kansas, 7pm
3...Northridge Church, Sabetha, KS, 7pm


  1. Have fun, ya'll!!! Sorry I won't be able to see you in concert!!!!

    Is. 53:5

  2. When u going ur jan-feb tour post????? hugs lov u guys an God bless u guys ;)

  3. What an amazing blessing your family was to ours! Thank you for your testimony and time. We will be praying for you guys!

  4. Pray for all of you as you travel through all the bad weather. Tornadoes in Georgia today.

  5. It was a blessing to see y'all perform tonight in foley,al. May God bless your journey.

  6. Hi! I'm from Illinois and I was just wondering if you will be coming anytime soon...it would be awesome if you could do a concert in Peoria! Thanks!

  7. Anonymous,
    We will be performing 1-2 dates in Illinois in September. Not sure how close to Peoria? Keep an eye on our website; we will have all of our 2016 dates posted there within the month!


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