Upcoming Event with Senator Cruz in Winterset!

If you read our blog, or have spent any time with our family in the past eight months, then you know that we are huge fans of Senator Ted Cruz. Our family has the privilege to be able to come alongside and support him in several unique ways, along with volunteering on his campaign. We are extremely excited that God has given us such a godly man to rise up in our generation and be a voice for righteousness and truth. At the same time, we recognize that just because he is willing to stand, doesn't mean that he will be elected.
What our country needs most of all in this hour is PEOPLE, you and I, who will raise our voice and make a difference by supporting a godly candidate and getting behind his campaign. We are each responsible, as citizens of this country, to get out and do our part for our country by praying, working, and voting! (more coming on this soon)

Just for your enjoyment and also additional information, here are a few of the Senators recent ads that we love. We wanted to share them with you blog readers as well! We are a little late-I intended to post the Christmas one on over Christmas (obviously) but never got to it!

Also, if you are an Iowan (or really anyone who wants to come, no matter where you're from! =)) we would love to have you join our family in Winterset, Iowa, this Monday evening, for a town hall rally meeting with Senator Cruz, Dr. James Dobson, and others. Our family will be singing, the Senator will be speaking and taking questions from the audience, and Dr. Dobson will be speaking as well. You don't want to miss it! We would love to see many of you there! 

Winterset Stage, Winterset, IA, 6pm
RSVP here!

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  1. Are you planning on doing a post about your Christmas Eve Dinner with your family sometime? Or didn't you do that this year?

  2. Awesome! Can't wait to see it!

  3. Hmmmm, I find this very interesting. And I just don't understand the American mind, I think, when it comes to patriotism. Totally different than Canadian. I'm Canadian and I just don't get these kinds of advertisements as in the Christmas Classics read by Cruz. I think there are much better ways to get children's minds directed to political thinking. This seems...almost, well, I'm at a loss of words to describe it! Just not right, somehow. Also, I'm really surprised at that last line...if you don't like...then we probably hate Christmas and America? Really? That doesn't sound honourable (as a Christian) at all! Not only that but to use the word "hate"? Yikes, my children were not allowed to use that word very easily; that's harsh. That word is hateful and unkind. As Christians we need to be very careful that we do not guilt others simply because of a political view; Christ approached others in a very different way. It's important to have godly leaders, absolutely, but let's be careful that we don't esteem them too high if they're also missing the mark somewhat in their approach.

    1. Not speaking for any of the Bontrager Family but as a lead representative for Senator Cruz's campaign in eastern Iowa, this ad was made for play during Saturday Night Live as a spoof on one of their "ads". Ted has a pretty witty sense of humor. It was meant as a satire piece. Political satire is a mainstay of American politics and if we didn't learn to laugh a little along the way, we'd go nuts. Like Ted says, "Would it kill conservatives to crack a joke once in awhile?"
      Unlike Canada, the United States of America has the weight of the world on its shoulders. Without us down here, much of the world would be a much more oppressive place.
      I respect your view as a Christian but I do think that sometimes, we as Christians get so wrapped up in the minutiae of what's going on that we forget to see the bigger picture. Both the Bontragers and myself have had the chance to get to know Senator Cruz and his father, Pastor Rafael Cruz. They are good and decent men.
      As was said in a song, "a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down". We are trying to reach everyone who is conservative or dissatisfied with the current direction of our country and government. If we fall, the whole world will be much worse off. The United States is responsible for over 80% of the missionary work and evangelism in the world. If we lose our rights to religious expression and faith in all aspects of life, like the left wants, the world will be a much more hostile place for Bible believing Christians. Ted Cruz will defend our liberty and that must be front and center above all other aspects of government.

  4. Hi! I recently heard about your family from my cousin who attends your Annual Turning Hearts Celebration. Since we live kind of far away to also attend (not saying that we don't want to meet your family, though!), she gave me your blog address and I really enjoy staying updated on all the happenings in your family. I received your Soon & Very Soon CD for Christmas and I really enjoy listening to it! You are all very talented with music and may God bless you with it every day! I do have one request, though, about the Live Christmas Play. Would you mind posting a few video clips from last year's (2015)? As I said, we are currently not available to attend your concerts and plays since we live over 5 hours away! But I would really love watching a few clips!
    Thanks so much for all you do for others, and the Lord; you are a blessing to me and many others! I would love meeting you guys someday! =)

  5. Kendra,
    We will be posting a recap of the 2015 play soon! There will probably be a few video clips made available before too long as well. =)
    Also, you can purchase the 2014 LACP drama on dvd, on our website. www.bontragerfamilysingers.com
    Chelsy for the Bontragers

  6. Chelsy,
    Thanks so much! I'll check it out! Have a great and safe winter! =)
    God bless,

  7. That video was ridiculous.


  8. Anonymous (at the top),
    I would have to agree with you, that you obviously do not understand the American mind when it comes to patriotism. Our family has many friends in Canada; we tour there every year. We have definitely found that the patriotism overall in our country and yours are extremely opposite. The reason for this is simple-America is different from every other country in the world, in the fact that we were founded upon godly principles. Our constitution and the truth therein is based on the BIBLE. So when Christians in America are passionate for their country, it is more than just loving the grand old USA; it is the fact that we know and appreciate deeply the sacrifice and prayer that made this country great and was at the core of what our country was founded on.
    The goal with this advertisement was not to "get to children's minds". Anyone who has followed Senator Cruz and his career knows about his reading of "Green Eggs and Ham" to his little girls during his senate filibuster speech in 2013. (you can look this up online if you aren't familiar with it) So, many people are aware of the fact that he enjoys reading to his daughters. Adding a humorous "Dr. Seuss-like" twist to the these books in relation to facts and events happening currently was a brilliant idea for a light, funny, and yet very relevant ad.
    The point is not to "guilt" others because of a different political view; the point is to encourage the people of this country to exercise the rights they have been given, to get out there and VOTE. We are passionate about this and believe that Christians should be involved in politics. Many people disagree with us and that is just fine-everyone is entitled to their own opinion. This is America-land of the free and home of the brave.
    However, since it is a free country, we choose to use our little platform here on this blog, to proclaim truth and encourage people to vote and become involved. Giving good reasons for voting for the godly candidate that we support is only natural.
    Lastly, we don't hate anyone. Cruz does not hate anyone. I'm afraid you are entirely missing the point. This campaign is about UPHOLDING truth, righteousness, and the constitution. Americans who care about their country and want to see it turned around know exactly what Cruz is talking about when he said, "if you are not entirely satisfied with this collection, than you probably hate Christmas". He wasn't referring directly to the books; he was referring to the issues described by the brief excerpts he read from each book. Any true conservative knows this and agrees that all the "issues" mentioned in the books are issues that, indeed, need to be addressed. We are thankful for a candidate like Senator Cruz that we know will take on these issues if he is elected president!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
    -Chelsy, for the Bontragers

  9. Thanks Matt! I saw your comment right after I responded with mine. Amen to everything you said. =)

    1. I've learned so much from being around your family. The campaign is what brought us together. Without your dad inviting me to church at Marion Ave, my life would be lacking. The combination of working with a principled campaign, seeing and knowing good and God centered people and gaining new friends have meant so much to me. I'm so glad to have a Bible based church home.

  10. Hi, again...this is Anonymous, who first posted as such with regard to Cruz. My name is Mitch. Thank-you, Big Red Matt for your mature and informed response. Well done, even though I don't necessarily agree with all of your statements. It's always best to stay completely "above board" in our daily walk, and especially so in the political world. At.all.times. Even in our joviality and sarcasm.

    For Chelsy...thanks, too, for your response. I don't intend to argue on this blog; our views are definitely not the same, but that's okay. I thought I should mention though that although Canadian and American political views are different they are far from opposite. We have very patriotic Canadians, and those that are not. :/ The patriotic ones are well-informed, generally. We have many friends in the US that we visit and vice versa. We have found that too many of them declare themselves very patriotic but when the discussion continues we find that they are not nearly as knowledgeable about their politics as we are about theirs, and they know so very little of their history. They only echo the sentiments of others. Therefore, it's always best to direct the conversation another way. The advertisement you are promoting just seemed to carry some of the same flavour, and thus my response.

    Lastly, please note that I didn't say that you hate anyone. And I really didn't miss the entire point. It's good to see your passion, though, and I hope you will always make sure that it's bringing glory to God first when standing up for your nation. As you get older and understand more of human nature and the history of your country I trust you will become a strong voice for the Lord and all of humanity.

  11. Hi Mitch, you'll just have to excuse Chelsy. That's how she treats men she has never met. Try not to take it personally .


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