March Schedule + Prayer Request Update

1...First Church of the Nazarene, Hernando, FL, 6pm
4...New Life in Christ Church, Foley, AL, 7pm
5...Temple Baptist Church (Prime Timers), Hattiesburg, MS, 11am
6...Way of the Cross Church, Brooksville, MS, 7pm
7...Mt Hermon Baptist Church, Mt Hermon, LA, 6:30pm
8...Calvary Baptist Church, Summit, MS, 10:30am
8...Welcome Home Baptist Church, Dodson, LA, 6pm
10...Tyler Presbyterian Church, Tyler, TX, 7pm
11...First Baptist Church, Broaddus, TX, 6pm
13...Worldview Christian Film Festival, San Antonio, TX 5:45pm
15...Mennonite Community Church, Lazbuddie, TX, 10am
15...Mennonite Evangelical Church, Seminole, TX, 6pm
17...Oasis Community Gym, Mexico, 7pm
18...Oasis Community Gym, Mexico, 7pm
19...Manitoba Colony Community Gym, Mexico, 7pm
20...Manitoba Colony Community Gym, Mexico, 7pm
21...Manitoba Colony Community Gym, Mexico, 7pm
22...Swift Colony Community Gym, Mexico, 7pm
23...Ojo de la Yegua Community Gym, Mexico, 7pm
24...Los Jaguayes Community Gym, Mexico, 7pm
25...El Valle Community Gym, Mexico, 7pm
28...Aydelotte Baptist Church, Shawnee, OK, 6pm
29...First Church of God, Pryor, OK, 6pm

We greatly appreciate and need your continue prayers! After a late night and early morning full of dozens and dozens of phone calls and texts, trying to work out details and find an available truck, or van, or both, or anything, we finally have a plan and are moving ahead. At the moment we are loading up the van with our things from the guest house and heading immediately for Mobile where the bus is in a shop. There the real work will commence---loading all of our things needed for the next week, from the bus, into a van and trailer. Dear friends from MS are generously loaning us their van for the week. 
There are lessons in flexibility every single minute this morning, it seems! Please continue to pray! Our current need is that we could make it safely in time for our concert in Brooksville tonight!

Thank-you all!

-Chelsy, for all the Bontragers


  1. Praying!!!!!! What a blessing that you found a van and have friends all over like that! Praise God!

    ~ Morgan R.

  2. We are SO praying for you! We totally understand what it's like to have to squeeze into small spaces. :)In time it will be a great memory, but for the moment we're praying for God's abundant grace on y'all this week!


  3. Praying for you all!
    In Christ,


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