Live Animal Christmas Play this Weekend!!

Get all the details here! We would LOVE to see some of you readers at the play this weekend! We are so excited about what all God has done in preparing the play this year and we are so excited for the actual show weekend to finally be here!

Even if you aren't able to come..please know that your prayers are very appreciated!
Also, just a reminder that you can order last years' dvd of the play here.

If you do come and we haven't met you yet...be sure to come up afterwards + introduce yourself! Most of our family will be in costume so you might have to watch closely to spot us as we will look a little different from normal! =)

And be sure to come EARLY!! (as in an hour early)
(Our church only seats 600 so if you aren't there early there is a very good chance you will get turned away.)


  1. This looks like SO much fun!!! Wish we lived closer so we could come see it! Will you be posting pictures from this year like you did last years LACP???


  2. Hi Rachael,

    Yes, we plan to post pictures sometime after the play.:)


  3. That's great! The "behind the scenes" pictures were so much fun! And, of course the photos of the actual play were fantastic!

    Will be praying for y'all this weekend!


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