Update on Michael

Please continue to pray for Michael.  He is still a very sick young man; still in ICU on the ventilator; still needing so very much healing in his lungs and body.  On Tuesday he started having a lot more pain (this from someone who has had constant pain and needing pain meds for the past month) so finally they did a CT scan yesterday and found that his feeding tube had become disconnected which meant that his food wasn't going to his stomach!  They did emergency surgery to correct the problem.    Also pray for my sister, Ruth, his mother who has spent everyday for the past month in the hospital with Michael leaving only for the night (when he is stable) and sometimes to go out to eat with friends or for a walk.  


  1. My heart aches for you , Ruth. I saw my Mom spend a month in the hospital and rehab but to see my son lay there in pain would be something different to deal with. Trusting you all in the Masters hands. God give you much strength and courage each new morning. Mary Ann

  2. This must be so hard!!): You should post a picture of Michael so we can put a face to who we are praying for! ...poor guy.... Liz

  3. Praying for him. Praying for the doctors to have wisdoms. Praying for ya and ya family to have the strength that God will help him through it and make him better.
    In Christ,


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