Update on Michael

In my sister's words, here is the latest update on Michael, who was diagnosed with ARDS yesterday:

I'm gonna try to explain what is going on in Michaels lungs in some simple terms.

Our little bit of research shows that ARDS is caused by a number of things which include sepsis and blunt trauma to the head. (see note below) Apparently because of the things Michael has gone through, there is damage in his lungs. Within the lungs there are a bunch of alveoli that inflate when air is inhaled. Michael is having a hard time taking deep breaths, so the alveoli are not inflating properly. When the alveoli do not blow up properly, they become scarred and will eventually harden, creating unhealthy lungs. The respirator is now doing the breathing for Michael, allowing his lungs to rest and heal. The respirator also keeps some pressure on the lungs constantly which helps the alveoli to inflate and deflate properly. With some time, his lungs should heal and he will be able to breathe on his own.

Tomorrow the Dr. plans to install a trachea and a feeding tube. This will allow Michael to come off sedation and to interact with us quite freely. Altho he will not be able to talk, he will receive physical therapy, will be able to use his phone, a computer etc. This all seems so surreal to us right now, because we had pretty high hopes of being discharged from the hospital in a few days. The Dr is saying in about 5-10 days they should get a good feel for how quickly the healing is occurring. Beyond that we are looking at time at a hospital rehab center.
  We experienced a wide range of emotions today. Through it all we feel very "held" , we are still believing in our great big God, we KNOW He is who he says He is and that He can do what He says He can. " When I am afraid, I will trust in Him".

(Michael had sepsis from an injury on his leg which hadn't healed properly and also received an injury to his head while on a canoe trip.  That whole story on how he got to the hospital while on a canoe trip out in the sticks with little cell phone reception is a miracle in itself!)

So thanks for your continued prayers. It means so very much to know that a host of friends, known and unknown, are joining us in praying for Michael.  Most of all, we are rejoicing in serving a God who hears our prayers and can still do miracles.


  1. may God help an heal michel thourgh this hugs lov u guys an God bless u guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ASHLEY EVANS

  2. Praying for him.
    In Christ,

  3. Definitely still praying!

  4. My prayers are with you. I have had sepsis from a kidney stone. I was in a coma for 10 days, and had to relearn how to walk, and feed myself. I was on a feeding tube for months--I was so happy when that was removed. I feel for your cousin, and my heart goes out to him for a complete recovery. I had a slow but steady recovery and pray for recovery for Michael.

  5. We will be praying for Michael today as he will get his trachea done. May God be with him, his family, and give the doctors guidance and wisdom.
    How amazing it has been to see that God is CLEARLY with them during this time in their lives
    (Deuteronomy 31:6)! He is holding them through this and it is so amazing to see this! How amazing it is to know that so many people are praying for him right now and to see God working through prayer within the body of Christ.
    The Roth family Hebrews 13:8

  6. Praying for healing on Michael's body, for the family to have peace. It is amazing,that we can find things to be thankful for when God works through circumstances in our lives that are hard. Keep trusting in Him!

  7. still praying for complete healing for Micheal..I know our God can do this in His way and His time. Praying for the family as they continue to be by his bedside..and care for him..


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