Happy 25th Anniversary!!

Happy 25th Anniversary....
 to the best parents in the world!! 
They have given my siblings and I the best upbringing, the best home life, and the best example that I could imagine. I am so grateful for them, and beyond blessed to have them as my parents.

Will you join us by leaving a comment in the comment box to wish them a Happy Anniversary?!

{posted by chelsy}


  1. Happy Anniversary!! My parents just celebrated their 25th last year :)
    God Bless,

  2. Mr. and Mrs. Bontrager – Happy Anniversary! Your steady faithfulness to each other and commitment to honoring God above all else sets a high and beautiful standard for my siblings and me. Thank-you for staying the course, and may you have a wonderful celebration! - Curtis

  3. Austin-Hans AdamsJuly 9, 2014 at 1:24 PM

    Happy Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Bontrager!! Thank-you so much for your testimony of dedication to one another - I'm so grateful for Godly role models. Have a wonderful day!

    - Austin-Hans

  4. Happy Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Bontrager! Thank-you so much for following God's leading in your marriage and family. We're praying that God will richly bless you as you celebrate another year together!
    - Emily

  5. Hi Mr. and Mrs. Bontrager - Happy Anniversary! 25 years of marriage is a significant milestone, and your genuine love for one another and for God is a blessing to those around you. I'm really grateful for the example you are to us, and hope you have a great celebration today!
    - Isaac

  6. Happy Anniversary,
    Mr. & Mrs. Bontrager! <3
    May the Lord bless you with many more wonderful years together!
    We children will never read Malachi 4:6 and not think of
    Mr. Bontrager...and we pray for y'all when we read it!
    Our Love and Prayers~
    Maggie for the Mayo family

    Daddy and Momma want to double date with your parents...:) Lordwilling, it will work out!
    Miss y'all!

  7. Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Bontragger!!!
    God bless ya'll!!!
    ~ Ashley

  8. Happy 25th anniversary Becky an marlin may God bless you and I hope that his new doors and blessings in ur guys life's see y'all on Monday

  9. Happy anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Bontrager! That's wonderful. I hope you have a wonderful celebration.
    God bless. Rebecca

    Lord willing, my parents will be
    celebrating their silver one in October.

  10. Happy Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Bontrager!!

  11. Happy Anniversary! May the Lord keep you till your 90th Anniversary. :-)


  12. Happy Anniversary. Can you please post your parents wedding photos?

  13. Happy Anniversary!! love you guys!

  14. Happy Anniversary!! Mr. and Mrs. Bontrager, your inspiring love and commitment for the Lord and your family is a great blessing and encouragement! May you be blessed with many more wonderful years together of serving the Lord, and furthering His kingdom! =)

  15. Happy Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Bontrager! So grateful for you two. :) Blessings!

  16. Happy 25th wedding anniversary Mr.Marlin and Ms.Becky.
    In Christ,

  17. Mary Chupp YoderJuly 13, 2014 at 4:17 AM

    Happy Anniversary Marlin and Becky!
    I'm a 1st cousin of Marlin's living in La Junta, CO. I would so love to get acquainted with you and your family...and attend one of your concerts. I congratulate you on 25 yrs. of marriage. Commitment to each other is critical..as is commitment to Jesus Christ. My husband decided to move out 8 yrs. ago after 39 yrs. of marriage. God's grace and the support of wonderful friends & family have helped me move on in life. I praise God that His love never fails. Blessings to you and your wonderful family.
    Mary Yoder

  18. Happy 25th Anniversery, Mr. and Mrs. Bontrager!! May the Lord richly bless you both!
    With love,
    The Gerber Family

  19. Happy 25th Birthday Mr. and Mrs. Bontrager!! Thank you both for the wonderful example that you've been to everyone around you! I love the way that you love your family and life, but most importantly, your love for the King of Kings!! It's so infectious to see you all living for Him!! May He bless continue to bless you abundantly with His unfailing love and grace!!! God bless!!
    Love y'all,
    Olivia T.~
    Phil. 4:4
    P.S. Chels, we have GOT to get together SOON!!! ;)We miss y'all SOO much!!


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