Upcoming Schedule!

We've had a lovely week at home! The family got home on March 14th, and I arrived home the night of the 17th. It has been marvelous to be home again, and now we are preparing to head out in a few minutes for another {shorter} tour.
Here is our upcoming schedule!  

22...Payson Baptist Church::Payson, IL::6:00pm

23...First Mennonite Church::Montgomery, IN::9:30am

23...Hope Baptist Church::Westchester, OH::6pm

26...Foothills Community Chapel::Columbus, NC::7pm

28...First Baptist Church::Carthage, NC::7pm

29...Red Branch Baptist Church::Carthage, NC::6pm

30...Emmanuel Baptist Church::Carthage, NC::6pm

On the 27th we will be filming our first dvd project, so we would greatly appreciate your prayers for that!

{posted by chelsy}


  1. I will be praying for safety when u all r traveling and that the DVD goes good.
    In Christ,

  2. y'all are soooooo awesome!!!!!!!!

  3. couldnt you guys come up north?


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