LACP Church Fundraiser Dinner

A few weeks ago, our Pastor was talking about the $$ needed for all the expenses of the Live Animal Christmas Play (see pictures of last year here).  Our dear mother had the idea of a fundraiser dinner, and after some planning and {just a little:)} cooking, it happened!  The menu was cheesy ham + potatoes, green beans, salad, dinner rolls, veggies, and chocolate cheesecake, vanilla cheesecake, or apple cake for dessert. 
Chels found that drinking water from a kettle is much more fun.  Or saves time?  Or something like that.:)

apple cakes

Chels made about 250 dinner rolls.  And hers are the best.  Just sayin.....:):)
Down to little Rebecca, everyone pitched in and worked together.  
Mother prepping salad ingredients.
Oh yeah!  This guy and the little blue apron.......

Ham and potatoes, anyone?

Carson and Liz on dish duty.
Josh stirring (ok, he had to "test" a few times, too.:).
Putting together napkins and plastic silverware.
LOVE this photo!!!  These three cut all 250 dinner rolls.  Oh, and buttered them.
Cutting apples.
Chelsy and Cassie
prepping desserts

the desserts/candles table (no, we didn't serve candles as a dessert.  They were for sale to raise $$ for the LACP.:)

the church kitchen-bustling with preparations.

Liz filling cups

taking plates over to the counter where people got their food.

the assembly line
the lovely new baby sleeping area at church.
Elizabeth and Lydia
In the evening we had an ice-cream bar.

Liz serving whipped cream.


//Bible Bee Results//

 Taylor, Denver, and Hudson with some of the Adams
 talking with other contestants

Here are a few photos from the Bible Bee (thanks to our friend, Elizabeth, for sharing them!)

Josh didn't make it to the finals, and although he would have loved to, he was absolutely thrilled just to have the opportunity to go to Nationals, and he counts all the time memorizing and studying God's Word well-spent. 

Denver, Taylor, and Hudson have loved experiencing the Nationals (Denver and Hudson for the first time) and it has been especially fun for them to cheer on their friend, Andrew, who was awarded 5th place.  The boys had so much fun sharing tips and ideas back and forth with Andrew in the weeks leading up to the competition, and they were so happy when he made it to finals!

Thanks to all you out there who have prayed and asked how the boys did.  They are having a fabulous time, and I know they'll talk of little else for a few days after they get home.:)  It's been pretty quiet without all the noisy ones here (grin:), and we'll be glad to have them back!

"Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way?  By taking heed thereto according to They Word." Psalm 119:9

[posted by Allison]


Bible Bee Update

        If anyone is interested in watching, Joshua will be competing in the semifinal round (senior division) at the National Bible Bee this afternoon at 3:30 EST.  To watch this event live, go to http://www.biblebee.org/_pages/webcast.php to sign up.  Sign up is easy and free!


National Bible Bee Update||Joshua Semi-Finalist!

(this is Chelsy, updating y'all on the status of the National Bible Bee, which began yesterday in Sevierville, TN. All my info comes via texts received today from the family, and the pictures are courtesy of the Adam's Family, friends of ours who also have several children competing)
This morning was an intense morning of the first round for all three divisions.
All four boys (Joshua-16, Denver-13, Taylor-11, & Hudson-7) had their first oral and written testings.
the senior division, waiting in line today to compete.
Josh stood in line for 3 hours, waiting for his turn to compete! 
(there he is, about eight people down the row...)
Tonight was the first big event where everyone gathered together to hear the results from today's testing.
There were 120 contestants in each category, and tonight the top 15 scores from each category were announced as the semi-finalists.
We (Chels, Mitchell, Allison, Carson, Liz, & Rebecca) were at church tonight working on Christmas Play recording and set construction when we got the text,
Excitement is running high as Joshua has made it to the semi-finals and will be competing in the next round tomorrow!
Please join with us in praying for him!
And congrats to all of our friends who made it to semi-finals, too!
Happy faces and rejoicing for those semi-finalist seniors! (maroon shirts)