Labor Day Update!

 If you were a mouse here on the Bontrager Farm...you would observe that many conversations these days center around all things Labor Day. 
At mealtimes conversation between the "committee" generally goes something like this:
"Did you call the port-a-pot rental place yet? And how many are you getting?"
"How many tables do we have again and how many more should we borrow?"
"Are we doing lemonade this year, or just water?"
"Last year we didn't have enough drinking water available-we need to change that this year."
"What will be do if we run out of parking space?"
"Did you order the ice-cream yet, and how many different flavors are you getting?"
"Make sure to get chocolate." =)
"So..I need a vote if we should have potato chips or dinner rolls?"
"Did someone get the volleyball nets lined up?"
"Is there someone assigned to put up the nets?"
"Did you get 10 roasters lined up to use?"
"Have you made the phone call about those chairs yet?"
and last but not least...
"So...how many pounds of pasta are you going to have to cook to feed 1,000 people?"
These are the ever-pressing questions right now. 
I spend ?? time every day answering emails & phone calls, tallying rsvps, lining up hotels and lodging, and trying to figure out the best and most efficient way to feed 1,000 people.
And on Labor Day we will be here on our farm, hosting people from Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Kansas, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska, Missouri, & Canada.
At times we find ourselves wondering if this thing has grown a little bigger than we can handle; but we have known for years that this is event is about God so we are confident that He will provide all that we need.
Even in the midst of the craziness with everything going on, we are SO. EXCITED.
SO thrilled for this opportunity to meet so many new people.
Thrilled to share the gospel with the unsaved people who are coming.
Thrilled to encourage people about the blessing of children and godly family values.
Would you, our blog readers, join with us in praying that God would do great and mighty things this year?
Please pray that He would give us wisdom in planning and preparing.
For safety for all the people that are driving and flying in from so far away.
For safety and protection over our farm and everyone here on Labor Day.
And one last thing: in past years, we have not required rsvp. All people have had to do is just show up!
Due to the much bigger attendance expected this year, it is a little harder to plan for the food unless we know the amount of people coming. 
So for all of you reading this who usually just show up every year
 (and those of you who are coming for the first time)
 would you do me a favor and just drop me a line via email or text (or leave a comment on this post) and let me know how many in your family/group will be attending? 
Also, if you are out-of-state, please let me know what state you are from.
email: info@bontragerfamilysingers.com
phone: #319-325-4974

All additional information you may need is listed on the brochure below.
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  1. Thanks for all your work in putting this on. I wish we had heard about it years ago, since I’m sure we would have benefited from something like this even before the Duggars we’re made a part of it, but look forward to meeting them. We’ll be the family with 6 little ones, probably in matching shirts, and probably not quite as well behaved as most. But, we’re trying and welcome the advice and encouragement.

  2. You're an inspiration to all and I am praying for you

  3. I live in the Netherlands but if I'd live somewhere in America it would be SO much fun to join y'all! What a pity :)
    I'll pray for you...

  4. Last year I wanted to attend, but we were waiting for the arrival of our twin boys so had to sit tight in Kansas. Wouldn't you know the boys were born on September 2nd! So this year we are having a big birthday party and bar-b-que for them!

    Maybe next year we can make the journey with our almost 2 year olds!! Praying for a wonderful and blessed weekend for you and everyone that comes! Very sorry to miss the Duggars, we met them here in Kansas and they are truly delightful!

  5. All 8 of us are coming! It will be so much fun to see you again!


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