Outdoor Alaska Concert

 One of the most frustrating things about blogging is that it seems that the only times I get pictures are during our chill times.
(ie. when we're not "working")
Basically, most of the pictures on this blog (from tours) are taken during a certain three-hour period of the day. 
The other 13 waking hours you hardly ever see.
They are filled with setting up, talking to people, eating/preparing meals, sound check, talking to and meeting more people, running the resource table, tearing down, and talking to more people. 
One of these days I'm going to do a 
"typical-day-on-tour-from-start-to-finish" post. =)
But in the meantime...here is a typical night for us.
(although normally we're indoors.
This particular night we got to sing in a pavilion at the foot of the mountains)
Afterwards, Denver was THRILLED  to meet the guy 
who won the 2012 Alaska Trapper of the Year Award!
Above, him & Taylor soaking in the stories. =)


  1. I love these pictures! I like your casual outfits....and the back-drop is kinda cool too!(: I would have loved to be there for this concert!(:
    Come home soon!! Lizzie

  2. Looks like a nice time! Wondering, with such a busy schedule, do the "littles" ever get the "I don't feel like singing" attitude? If so, how do you address it? Would be a blessing to hear how other families handle those types of challenges!

  3. Looks like you all are having a busy but fun time! I like to be busy because it keeps me from being board and getting in trouble. Lately I've been a little board but I find something 2 do. I pray that your trip keeps going good and that nothing bad happens.
    In Christ,


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