Booking 2014!

We are currently finishing up our scheduling for 2014 and we have a few available dates in the following areas/times:
January&February...southern and south-eastern states
June 15th-July 15th...eastern: Ohio/Pennsylvania/New York

if you would like to host a concert at your church or in your area, 
please drop us a line via email: 
or give us a call:

We look forward to seeing you on down the road!


  1. Hello to all the Bontrages,
    Are you all coming to Maryland? I live like 4 hours away from Pensylivain and 8 hours away from Ohio so I might be able to make one of the ones in Pensylivain!
    In Christ,

  2. So, your family will be in PA?

  3. I live in PA! Not sure if i'll be able to book any concerts though.

  4. Hi Lexi!
    No, we're not planning to be in your area. Maybe another time!

    Hi Tashia-
    We will have a few dates in the winter and more in the summer. Hope you can come!


  5. Hey Allison,
    Email me what churches you all are going to be singing in Pa and Ohio
    In Christ,
    P.S. you should still have my email if not let me know and I'll email you.


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