we saw these beautiful bald eagles the other day along the side of a river where we were canoeing.
 a baby moose
can anyone say "CUTE"? We wanted to take this little baby dal sheep home with us. =)
buffalo along the side of the highway
this big guy was right outside our bus window. 
within touching distance.
the boys were all dying to go out and get acquainted but mom was NOT into that plan at all. =)
a mountain lion was also sighted one night as we were driving the alaska highway, but unfortunately most of us were sleeping and missed it. =(

posted by chelsy


  1. Wow, that is totally amazing!!! I LOVE that little sheep!!! AWE! Looks like you are seeing some NEAT animals! :) Enjoyed the pics, Mary

  2. Not many people see mountain lions in Alaska so you are very fortunate to have seen one. I mean, there are 2-3 spotting reported per year!

  3. Wow!! You saw a great variety and got some great shots! Did you actually see that bear?!? We never got to see any in the wild when we were there :(
    Glad you're enjoying your trip!

  4. Omg!!!!! Those animals are so cute!!!!!!!! I agree with ur mother about not touching the bear.
    In Christ,

  5. That's really neat! Alaska must be a nice place to visit.

  6. Yes, I can say *CUTE*! that little baby is SO adorable! to bad you didn't get a picture of the Mountain Lion. that would have been Fun to see, only if you were far enough away. Lol.


  7. Aah! That little sheep is so cute! :) great shots, Chels!
    Love you all!
    Jon & Marissa

  8. Wow! What fun to see the not so ordinary to Iowa kind of animals!

  9. Hi Janelle!
    Yes, we did see the bear! It was so awesome.


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