//hunting: turkey edition//

 Several weeks ago we had the opportunity to go turkey hunting in Seymour, Iowa.  Pastor Stanley arranged an awesome hunt for us.  It was our first time turkey hunting, and we loved it!  What could be better than getting up early (3:30), covering yourself with camo from head to toe, heading out into the dark, and finally shooting several nice turkeys?

We split up into three parties and hunted different ground.  We were rewarded with two nice turkeys.  Above, Carson, Mitchell, and Taylor pose with the one Carson shot.  When he texted us the picture, told Dad, "He looks SO thrilled!"  And he was.

 Here's Taylor with one of the birds. They weighed in at about 14 and 18 pounds.

Here's the whole group! 
Front, left to right: Marlin, Hudson, Allison, Mitchell, Denver, Taylor, and Carson
Back, left to right: Andrew, Bobby, Mr. Jimmy, Joshua, and Pastor Stanley

Thanks to Pastor Stanley, Mr. Jimmy, Bobby, & Andrew, who did such a great job as guides for us!

-posted by Allison


  1. That is cool!!! WOW!! Exciting!!

  2. it almost looks like carson got braces did he


  3. Brittani- no Carson didn't get braces! It does kinda look like it in the photo, tho.:)



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