Home At Last!

We are finally home sweet home...in the best state EVER!
(the bus made it and we are thankful for ya'lls prayers!!)
there's beautiful snow on the ground....farm smells in the air...fat juicy stacks of mail waiting to be opened by people who haven't seen mail in a looooong time....
and our very house waiting for us!
Then there's also mountains of dirty laundry, a very lived-in bus that needs a thorough cleaning, chores, & to-do lists that stretch away into the far off distance. 
Oh, and did I mention that Joshua's Drivers Ed classes & hunters safety course for us seven oldest, both start...um, today? 
Nothing like arriving home and hitting the ground running! =)SOOO thankful for HOME.


  1. Oh my word... that sounds so exciting and also VERY busy.... so glad to have to guys BACK home in the BEST STATE EVER!!!! I can agree with you on that one!!! Missed you, Mary Ebersole

  2. y'all are busy bodies!!

  3. A very merry welcome home! Love you all!
    Yours Truly...

  4. So glad to hear that y'all are home safely :D

    Serving HIM,


  5. It must be so nice to be back home after such a long time. =) But I'm sure you blessed many people through your travels...our family was definitely blessed by the concert we were able to go to! Welcome home and many blessings!!

  6. Wow....it sounds like u all had a very good time but it must be nice to be home. I'm sure that u all blessed many people! U all blessed me....I love watching videos on YouTube of u all!
    In Christ,


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