Tomorrow's Election

Wednesday morning will bring with it the news of who will be our president for the next four years.
 Last night, we found ourselves stirred and challenged as never before as we listened to our pastor preach from the Word of God about the importance of voting. The importance of standing up for truth and righteousness, come what may.
Our family has always been passionate about voting and electing people who will protect our freedoms.
But as we listened to the message, we found ourselves again reminded that we NEED challenge others with what the Lord has shown our family about the importance of being involved politically.
After listening to such a powerful message of truth, I find myself believing passionately that I must say something, and yet it is hard to know where to start. 
First, it is hard to believe that our country is so far gone that there are actually still Americans who will go to the polls tomorrow and vote for a man who opening and totally endorses the murder of thousands of innocent children every single day. 
It is hard to believe that people will vote for a man who supports this, and so many other things that are abominations to the Lord.
Harder still, though, is the thought that there are many who will sit home tomorrow and do NOTHING except watch the elections.
There will be some who will only pray, and not vote.
Prayer is the first step in a TWO PART process that God calls us to, as Christians and Americans.
We must pray, and then we must VOTE.
By not voting at all, you choose (whether intentionally or not) to support and endorse our current president. Because the only way to not support the president is to elect his opponent.
Although our family would disagree with many things that Mr. Romney stands for, we will vote for him because he will protect life and marriage.
 By not voting for Romney we would be part of the "silent in the land". And we cannot be silent when innocent blood is being shed, every day.
We leave this challenge with you, will you wake up and do something? Or will you stand silently by?
We're excited about the fact that we have FIVE votes this year in the Bontrager Household and that we will be doing our part to support freedom in our country, by voting for Romney/Ryan on election day!
"And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep....the night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light."
Romans 13:11a & 12


  1. I wish you would consider the fact that as Christians, we can NOT vote for the ''lesser of two evils!'' We can only vote according to our consciences. How can Christians vote for a man who doesn't believe Jesus is God? How can Christians vote for a man who is not against ALL abortion?

    Christians should remember that God is their (our) KING; and we cannot, by voting, agree with something which falls very short of our KING'S standard. Consider instead, standing with hundreds of conservative Christians and writing in the Constitution candidate.
    Remember when you go into the voting booths: GOD is still KING, and HE knows who you are voting for.

  2. Hello Bontragers,
    We too have struggled much over this year's election. Feeling like we are in captivity, not being able to choose a Godly man because the super delegates did not give us one to choose. We asked the Lord what He would have us do. We wondered what would happen if millions of Christians stood up and wrote-in a vote (which of course would not count) of a Godly man such as Mike Huckabee, just to name one. And if millions did that of course Obama would win. However, would our government then look at that outcome and see that Christians will no longer compromise and perhaps the next election would be different? 4 years more of our current situation may be worth it if we get a huge change for the next election. A true Christian man like many of our founding fathers were. That is a day we pray for! Bless your family and praying for you and our country!

  3. Thank you for posting! We are praying fervently and I also did something this year I've never done before. :) I voted. ( Wes has voted for a long time.) And we feel peace that God is truly in control. Blessings!

  4. Please show me from the bible that we are commanded to vote or even to take part in anything that goes along with it and then I may consider it, I guess until the you can consider me one of-
    The silent ones

  5. I agree with y'all - abortion is murder, and Mr.President is wrong. It's awful to think of how this is gonna effect America's kids.

  6. ''We wondered what would happen if millions of Christians stood up and wrote-in a vote (which of course would not count) of a Godly man such as Mike Huckabee, just to name one. And if millions did that of course Obama would win. However, would our government then look at that outcome and see that Christians will no longer compromise and perhaps the next election would be different?''


  7. I truly struggled with how to vote this year and spent much time in prayer and studying the word to see how the Lord would want me to vote. I could not in good conscience vote for either candidate because neither was biblically qualified for the position. I knew that I could not cast my vote based on who I think could win or who I thought could defeat Obama. Instead I decided to write in the Constitution Party's nominee whose views lined up much more closely biblically with who I thought the Lord would want me to choose. I casted my vote in that regard and left the results up to the Lord.

    I read a commentary earlier today in which the author stated, "In the history of Israel, kings came and went; some good, most not so much. Usually the people got the king they deserved. We could say the same for our own nation. We usually get the leadership we deserve."

    May we turn our hearts back to the Lord. And may he have mercy on us the next four years.

  8. Thanks for your post. But I must agree with Marjo. How could we vote for the "lesser of two evils" it is still evil. If you had the option to vote for Hitler or Stalin, who would you vote for?
    But I don't agree with Marjo's reasoning. Although most of the world believes (through the lies and ignorance in the world) "mormons" or the LDS church is not Christian, I know that is not true. I am LDS and Jesus is my Lord, Savior and Redeemer, and there is no other. I love Jesus. It really hurts when I hear people say I am not Christian, when every day I try to be like Him by serving and loving others and living by His teaching. Or when those who proclaim they are "Christian" will turn their backs on me and my family when they learn we are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. As if we have a disease or something. I hope and pray people will not judge the LDS church according to what they see Mitt Romney do. Please remember that not all members of a church are the same. Just because we are all American citizens does not mean we all support and love Obama as president.
    Although I am LDS, I could NEVER vote for Mitt Romney. What makes a Christian a Christian? It is not by what people say but how they act. Mitt Romney's actions have not shown me that the Christian beliefs he prophesies to have are not in his heart. How could I vote for a man who would "Go anywhere the terrorist are and kill them." He flip-flops on every issue like abortion. Whatever happened to "love your enemies" "do good to them that hate you". I could never vote for the lesser of two evils. One is communist and is openly seeks to pull down the power of God and all that is good, the other seeks for revenge and to be the number one super power in the world. They are both puppets and sponsored by the same people. They have the same agenda, they just lie differently.
    It is sad to see our nation at the point it is. It's because we as a nation have fallen asleep and turned our backs on God and His laws and commandments. We need to educate ourselves and help others to wake up. I recently watched a video/documentary that I hope you will all take time to watch. It explains how are nation has gotten to where it is now, and that through prayer, uniting the family, studying the Bible and returning to God we can make a change. It is very good!


    Thanks again, you are all great!

  9. Joseph:
    We don't feel that Romney is comparable to either Hitler or Stalin. Like we said, Romney does not line up with everything we believe, but he did say he would uphold life, and we appreciated that.

    We have felt the same way about voting for "the lesser of two evils". This election God led our family to do everything we could do (voting) to remove the current president. We followed His leading and left the results up to Him. We understand and respect you opinion, though.

    To anonymous (and anyone else interested): we will refer you to an excellent article written by MItchell and published in our local newspaper last week. It is entitled "Why Christians Must Vote" and can be found here at: www.daughterwithavision.blogspot.com -the Bontrager Family


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