2013 travels

We are currently booking our 2013 winter/spring tour and still have a few dates open in Texas, Mississippi, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

A summer 2013 trip is being planned in the following areas: the pacific northwest (of United States), Canada (Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia), and possibly Alaska.

Contact us soon if you are interested in booking us for a concert in these areas or a nearby location (such as states surrounding the ones mentioned).

Call Marlin at 319-330-4513 or send an email to info@bontragerfamilysingers.com


  1. I have to ask my family, but while you're in VA it would be great if you could come by here!
    Janelle Grove

  2. Do your kids read letters that come to them in the mail? Thanks.

  3. Manitoba, Canada? REALLY? I must pass this on to, hopefully those who can book you!

  4. It's neat that ya'll will be going to Canada. My brother-in-law, sister, and their son are missionaries to Alaska, and they just passed through Canada to get there. I really like ya'll's music - especially the piano, banjo, and dobro. :) Keep it up! :D


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