{enjoying a family picnic together during an off day} 
Our blog has been strangely silent these last 2 weeks as we've been traveling throughout northern Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota, Indiana, & Michigan.
A host of things have happened but most of the time my camera hasn't been with me and I'm not one to blog unless I have pictures to accompany my ramblings. =)
Our time has been filled with intense Bible Bee practice & school work for the younger ones, with help & tutoring by the older ones....
 large quantities of music practice & lessons for all...
meeting new friends and spending time with old ones....
singing at churches and a family music festival....
and attending the Majesty Music MusiCollege.
All in all its been a very full and busy time which has been flying by so quickly.
We drove through Michigan last night and the Lord answered our prayers this morning with an incredible 1-minute border check before crossing into Canada!
 We'll be here for the next four days...and maybe a few updates will hit the web during that time. =)

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  1. Yay! you're here :D
    See you in a few hours :)


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