Labor Day Updates & News

To all who are planning to attend the 11th Annual Turning Hearts Celebration this Monday, Sept 3rd, there are a few things you'll need to know.
Road Construction News....
For those coming from/through Des Moines...we just heard today that there is a bridge out somewhere near North English/Williamsburg, so just so you're aware of that and can plan a little extra time to take the detour.
And then our road (Johnson Washington Road) is currently in the middle of being redone. 
No, not the best timing...with 600 people driving it on Monday!
But our road has been so bad for so long that we are grateful that its finally getting redone, even if it is a not-so-good time with all the traffic there will be on Monday)
We're not sure exactly what area the road crews will be working on, so at this point I would just ask you all to allow some extra time for slight detours. =) Check back on the blog on Saturday as I will update with the progress and directions if they need to change. 
Also, we are looking for bakers, young & old, who would be willing to bake cookies for us to serve with the meal Monday evening. If you're interested in helping out in this way please send me (Chels) an email and let me know how many dozen you would be willing to bring!
Any other questions...please call 319-325-4974
Hope to see many of you Monday!

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