Home Again!

Yes, we're HOME!
Yes, its wonderful.
Yes, the gardens are full of lots of weeds. =(
(and lots of yummy veggies! There's a bright side to everything!)
Yes, we tripped over each other in our eagerness to get
And yes...there are no pictures to describe the pandemonium. 
You'll just have to imagine it folks. =)
Tomorrow we begin life for the next month, which will include planning, shopping, cooking, & cleaning in preparation for 
family camp a week later....
and lots of company throughout.
We've experienced the blessing of hospitality from so many people this summer as we traveled, and are looking forward to actually being home so we can "return the blessing" and host family, friends, and new "friends to be".
And after living on the bus a lot this summer, we are all excited to spread out and work hard on the farm for the next month! 
We have lots of workers, and, as they say, 
"many hands make light work"! 


  1. Welcome Home Bontragers!! We are looking forward to seeing you all soon! We miss you guys so much! Many Blessings to you all, lots of love, Jessica

  2. Aaahhh! You know what else they say, "there's no place like home". So true. Enjoy it.

  3. Welcome home !!! Can't wait to see you! Looking forward to Labor Day weekend!!!


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