Happy 21st Birthday, Chelsy!

I'm positive that Chels is the most amazing big sister a girl could have in the world.  Ever since we were little, we've been really, really close.  We tell each other anything.  As I look back, I'm amazed at how unaware I was of how good she's been to me.  I was always her little sis, over three years younger, and yet she's always treated me like her equal- her peer.  I don't ever remember her saying, "You're too young to understand."  She didn't brush me off.  She wasn't embarrassed to have me around her friends.  When she was entering her teenage years and I was just a little ten year old, she stayed up late talking and giggling in bed with me!  I remember when she outgrew playing with dolls.  It wasn't this condescending thing.  She just kinda got to the stage where she didn't enjoy it any more.  But I don't think I'll ever forget one occasion.  She was already a teenager.  Too big for dolls.  But it was my birthday.  So she got down on our bedroom floor with me and played dolls.  It meant the world to me, a little girl trying to figure out who I was, in that stage where it was so important to be loved and accepted.  There was my big sister, playing dolls with me.  It impacted me forever.  

Chels, you've been the best big sis.  I enjoy our relationship so much.  The amazing girls' nights.  Crazy talks about the most random things.  Laughing over stuff that's not funny to anyone but us.  Thanks for being there for me.  Thanks for understanding my heart even when I didn't know how to express it.  Thanks for the countless times you've planned fun stuff, talked late, given me chocolate, paid my bill, stuck up for me, lent me clothes, encouraged me, put a smile on my face, told me the truth even when I didn't want to hear it, made our bed, hung up my clothes, taken me shopping, written me notes, made me laugh, and jumped out at me in the dark.
Love ya,


  1. Happy birthday, Chels! Hope you have a blessed year! Looking forward to seeing you in August!

    In Christ,

  2. Happy Birthday Chelsy!!!

    Praying you have a happy birthday and many blessings in the years to come!


  3. Happy Birthday!You are a beautiful young woman and wonderful role model for
    younger sisters and brothers.
    God bless you!

  4. What a lovely post Allison.

    Happy Birthday Chelsy,your such a good example.
    Love you Chels,have a great day,and many blessed years that are to come. May God continue to use you to impact and be a blessing to others around you.

    your sister in Christ,

  5. Happy birthday Chels! Sounds like your sister 'Alice' admires you:)....(but then again..so do I:) you've been an inspiration to me and I hope you next year is great! Love ya!....

  6. Happy Birthday Chelsy!!
    I hope you have a great birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday, Chelsy!

    This was a sweet post, Allison!

  8. A very big Happy Birthday to an amazing young woman of God!! So happy to be able to call you my cousin! :)♥ Dorcas

  9. Happy Birthday Chelsy!
    Hope you have a great day!


  10. you captured Chels to perfection. thats exactly how she is. lovely words, Allison. hope Chels had a wonderful day!

  11. Happy birthday, Chelsy! Have a blessed, joyful year with your family! You're beautiful, inside and out, all because of Jesus! God bless! Rebecca K.

  12. Happy Birthday to Chelsy! Love from your aunt...

  13. Such a sweet post, Allison! I don't have any sisters, but I realize that sisters are a special gift. =) You two have been such an encouragement to me...thank you so much!

    Happy Birthday, Chelsy! Thanks for your encouraging emails and letters, edifying conversation, lovely blog, being an amazing BL leader (I was SO excited to find out you were one of my leaders =) and being such an encouragement to me there, your beautiful singing voice, etc...and for being such a radiant example of living for the Lord & you have SO many gifts that you are using for God's glory...so inspiring. Blessings!!

    With Joy in Christ,

  14. This is a beautiful tribute, Allison. & most definitely truth. :) I love you both, dears!

  15. Happy birthday Chelsy!

  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Chelsy!!!!!!!!!! Your walk with God is a huge encouragement to me, and I love seeing how you love Him. :) Sorry I missed y'alls visit a couple weeks ago, but I'm looking forward to seeing you at Big Sandy, Lord-willing! =D

    May knowing and loving Jesus be the joy of your life this next year. :)

    Love ya!

  17. Happy Birthday Chelsy!!!
    God Bless

  18. Happy Birthday, Chelsy!

    And thanks for the encouraging post Alison.



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