Canadian Trevor Baker in Concert!

We are very excited to announce an upcoming concert here in Kalona by Canadian singer/songwriter Trevor Baker! 
While we were on tour in Canada this past summer, several different people asked us if we had heard of him. Each person went on to say how powerful his songs are, and how we should sing some of his music. One night in Saskatchewan, someone gave us one of his cds. We listened to it and were SO encouraged and inspired by the very relevant message he writes and sings to America. 
The last song on our latest cd is "Will America Pray". It was written by Mr. Baker and is sung (on our cd) by our new teenage boys' trio.  It is my personal favorite song on our cd---loaded to the brim with truth. Plus it is sung by my favorite guys, and it doesn't get better than that. 
If you haven't already heard it, then you'll either need to attend the concert this Friday night to hear him sing it, or order the cd from our website and hear our guys sing it.
OR....you could always do both. =)

posted by chelsy


  1. Wish we lived close enough to come:)
    Sounds fun!


  2. I've never herd of Him and I DO live in Canada :) I will have to check him out :)
    Have fun at the concert!


  3. I'm in Canada too! You toured Canada this past summer? Wow; did you come through Manitoba? That would've been most interesting to meet you all.
    I haven't heard of Trevor Baker either. Must be from one of the other provinces......

  4. Hey Bontrager Family, I can't wait to here all the songs on you new cd. I so love the picture on your cover, veary colorful:)

    Miss y'all

    Jordan V.


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