He's In, Again!!!

Saturday morning, 7:30 am:  A little girl floats around the house, brown hair bobbing, still wearing her long ruffly nightgown.  She is saying, "I will remember to thank God tonight for answering my prayers."  A minute later, she bubbles over with excitement, yelling,  "Yippee-i-o!"   
You guessed it..... it's the Bontrager house and my daring sis Rebecca I  speak of above.  For some reason we're all really excited right now.  As in,  r e a l  l y     e x c i t e d.  You see, we got a call this morning.  Actually, it was "THE CALL".........Joshua is advancing to the finals in the National Bible Bee!   After hours and hours of suspense, we're so happy to be praying for our little "big" brother once again.  
Go to the Bible Bee website (www.biblebee.org) to watch the contest live today around 1pm Central Time.   Of course, keep watching the blog for news!  

Thank you for all the prayers.  Whether or not Joshua wins, our desire is that God be glorified!  For it is all about Him.  


  1. We are so exited for you guys!!!


  2. Wow!!!! We are so excited for you all!!! Praise the Lord!!!! Love, from your friends in Highland, Arkansas The Sprays

  3. So excited! Praying for Joshua!


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