True Southern Archetecture

And the answer is...........
a truck stop!
As my aunt said, "They must have more money down there than we do up North!"

Do you think this structure is a........

~historical museum

Give us your guess!


  1. Truck stop?

    lol,just thought I'ld guess that cause it's the unobvious!

  2. I'm pretty sure it's not a church or house 'cause of the garbage cans... Kinda looks like a truck stop. ?? idk

  3. We live in the south, our vote is Truck Stop!

  4. Truck stop (The garbage cans & the yellow tape)

  5. Hmm. Historical museum?

    I guess we'll find out,Lord willing.

    Rebecca K.

  6. I would say a truck stop....or maybe a museum.

    Dorcas Miller

  7. crazy, but I think it's a rest area or a truck stop. Wow! They must have more money down there than we do up north.

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