12 Days Later.....take two!

Once again, I must apologize.  While we would love to share current picture updates with all of you, we are still not able to upload new pictures to Chelsy's laptop.  Here's the case in a nutshell:
:: As a result of a recent computer crashing epidemic that has caused much havoc in the Bontrager's technology department, the laptop which we typically use to blog while we are traveling is   will not receive new photographs from our resident photographer's camera. ::
  Thank you all for your patience, and please continue to watch for upcoming posts!


Happy Birthday, Chelsy!  
We love you!


  1. Happy Birthday, Chelsy! Have a blessed year!

  2. Happy birthday,Chelsy! God bless and guide you now and in the future!

    Love, Rebecca K.

  3. Happy Birthday Chels! You're a wonderful cousin :) Love Hannah

  4. Happy Birthday, my beautiful niece!

  5. Happy Birthday, Chelsy!!!! I miss you!


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