Our dearest mother......

had a birthday today!


I wish I could describe just how lovely my mother is.  She has taught me so much.  Her loving example and words of wisdom have oftentimes guided me towards the truth, and I am forever grateful for her selfless servanthood and Godly example.

These are some of the things I love most about my mother:
~The way she gets up early in the morning and spends time with the Lord.
~Her smile and laugh: when Mom gets a "laughing fit"........well, let's just say she "takes her medicine in big doses";).  (referring to "Laughter is good medicine.")
~Her w o n d e r f u l cooking!  Some my favorites that she makes: garlic and butter green beans, apple salad, and apple danish dessert.
~The way she teaches so naturally: while working in the garden, driving down the road, or cooking in the kitchen.
~Her spontaneous personality.  Just this morning, she decided to play Scrabble with some of the boys as part of their school- "just because it was her birthday and she wanted to"!
~The emphasis she places on relationships.  Awhile ago, she started taking us children out for lunch individually every once in awhile.  One of her favorite parts of the day is "Bible time", when she and the younger children sing, memorize Scripture, and learn character qualities.  Her relationships with Jesus and with her family are her priorities.
Proverbs 31 says that "Her children will rise up and call her blessed."  We rise up and call you blessed, Mother.  Thank you for your sacrificial investment into our lives.  We l o v e you!

PS.  And, yes, I know she looks MUCH too young to be "forty-something"!  Several weeks ago Mother and I (Allison) were at the checkout line at WalMart and the cashier asked if we were sisters!  It was too fun to smile and say, "No, she's my mother!"  I love it.:)

~posted by Allison


  1. Dear Mrs Bontrager (Becky),
    "Happy Happy Birthday to you"!
    may your day be a very special one and may you have a special year ahead! You are a blessing as well as a encouragement to others...on your birthday I thank you for making me 'leave my kitchen' and I wish you all of "God's blessings" dear friend in the year ahead!
    ~Lori xo

  2. Happy Birthday Mrs. Bontrager! Hope you have a blessed day.

  3. I hope your day was special! Thank you for your Godly example!

  4. Happy birthday Aunt Becky!:) ~Dorcas

  5. Happy birthday, Mrs. Bontrager!
    I hope it has been your most blessed one yet! You seem so happy all the time, even when things could get frustrating to some people! I enjoy your love for singing praises to the Lord! And you are a gracious, wonderful hostess!

    God bless you! Rebecca K.

    ''Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies..Give her the fruit of her hands and let her works praise her in the gates.'' Proverbs 31:10,31


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