For those in Iowa......

Vote NO on the Activist Supreme Court Justices

   In April 2009, we witnessed the Supreme Court of Iowa blatantly take 
and use power that did not belong to them.  The Court legislated from 
the bench and in effect changed our constitution as they invented what 
they called a “previously unimagined” right and declared Iowa a “same- 
sex” marriage state.  Even if the current law had been legitimately found 
to be unconstitutional, we then would be legally bound to revert to prior 
established law, which was one-man/one-woman common-law marriage. 
The court clearly overstepped its bounds, because it is the Legislature 
that makes the law, the Governor that executes the law, and only “we 
the people” can amend the constitution. 
   Our law allows for a check and balance of the Supreme Court through 
a retention vote by we, the citizens.  These justices were wrong to 
effectively amend the constitution without the consent of  “we the 
people.” Do you want justices in office who clearly do not regard the 
opinion of the people of their state and who have no desire to uphold 
160 years of Iowa law and preserve our constitution?  If it is not your 
desire to have officials such as these running our state, then please 
vote NO for the retention of these justices on Nov.  2. 
   This election is crucial to the future of our state.  If  courts can  redefine 
marriage as they have done in Iowa, ignore constitutional amendments 
as they did in California, and strike down illegal immigration law as they 
did in Arizona, then they can redefine who should pay taxes and how 
much, how we educate our children, who can own and carry a gun and 
whose private property rights get protected – or do not. 
   If you vote NO on all three Supreme Court justices who are on the ballot 
Nov. 2, not only will you be saying that you do not want the current 
justices to retain their power, but you will be sending the message to 
other elected officials that “we the people” will hold them responsible 
for their actions. 
This election will greatly impact the future of the citizens of Iowa.  
Please remember this and consider what principles you are standing 
for as you vote on Nov. 2. 


  1. Thanks for alerting voters about this most important issue. I don't live in Iowa, but I'm praying for your state and the nation today.


  2. Hallelujah, those judges are outa here!
    A fellow Iowan :)


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