Quote of the Day

"You may slaughter more of my lettuce, mommy."

This came from Hudson at the dinner table (usually we leave such gruesome words out of our dinner table conversation) while we were enjoying some of the freshly, "cut", lettuce from his little, personal garden.  Only a boy would describe the simple pleasure of cutting lettuce as "slaughter"!

I would love to add a picture of the crisp, mini greens we have been enjoying from our garden, but Chelsy is gone for 10 days.   (definition of mini greens:  the lettuce you cut from your garden about 1 week before maturity because you can't wait to try it!!)

We do miss Chelsy in many ways.  That would be a much longer post and I am anxious to get out the gardens and plant more lettuce.

Happy gardening!


  1. Funny Hudson!! I love, love listening to him sing "When I am afraid" on your new CD. Such childlike faith and complete trust. I'm sure you miss Chelsy alot! I can't wait to hear all about it from her! I'm sure it is a very rich experience. Looking forward to seeing you all in afew months! :)

  2. lol, how cute! I love the little brother humor that my brothers get also, every once in a while!


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