Special Times w/ Cousins

 We have so many pictures from the last several weeks that we want to get up here sometime soon, but for now I just have time for one so the rest will have to come later!
I feel so blessed to have such amazing cousins...and so many of them, too! On Monday we had the opportunity to spend  2 days with mom's younger sister and her family in Georgia. We all went to an aquarium in TN on Wednesday, and got this picture of all 17 of us (just from two families, mind you!) lined up in order of age. Of course our rather large group attracted much attention and speculation. :) To the rest of our Stoltzfus side cousins...we wish you could've all been there too!


  1. Wow. 17! We only had 10 when we did our cousin line-up and we did it in height order. ;)

  2. Mitchell is *such* a giant!
    How I wish I could have been there with you all! I love how Rebekah is helping Harrison stand up--that's so cute!
    We have the most amazing cousins. Probably the best ever! =)
    love you dear people!

  3. Our children will continue to talk about the incredibly fun time we had with ya'll! That is a looong row of children. We love you and miss you.....


  4. Wow, a lot of cousins!

    Looking forward to more pictures! :)

  5. great pic! I am sorry too, that the rest of the cousins weren't there. If looks tell something, you all had a wonderful time.
    You are a great bunch of nieces and nephews.
    Aunt Sarah

  6. This might seem like a strange question, but I'm interested in modest clothing and I really like the skirt Alison has on and was wondering where you got it?

  7. Anonymous,
    I got my skirt at a second-hand store. The brand is Gap. My mother and sister saw it in a Gap store quite awhile ago, but didn't get one, because of the price. I was blessed to find it much cheaper! You might be able to find one on Ebay or something, though.


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