Random Smiles...Across the Miles


  1. Yup.

    I definitely love you guys. A lot!

    =) Good times!

  2. Loves.

    I wanna see all you guys ASAP when you get home.

    My forever favorite kiddos. :)

  3. Great family photos! And so many too! The pic of Rebecca with Daddy is priceless! We REALLY like these photos!

    Rebecca & Annah Kellum

  4. Aww! Looks like you're making good memories. Are you eating out a lot or is that just where everyone seems to be the most photogenic?;)

  5. Lots of fun pictures! Great collection! Thanks for sharing!
    Many good memories, I'm sure!

  6. great pictures!:) looks like you're all having a grand time!? :) Love you all!:) ~Dorcas

  7. Wanda,
    As usual, our meal plans are to eat in the bus, in churches, or with families who host us but on this trip we have been blessed 3 times by people who have generously taken our entire family out to eat for breakfast. Some of us have also been spending time at a sweet coffee shop in Abbeville, SC. In addition to all that, our fearless leader, Marlin (daddy) treated us to a chicken supper at a church in Sarasota, FLA when our generator wouldn't work for a couple hours.
    So yes, we have been spending time at restaurants.


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