Please Pray

We are asking prayer for the Gospel Express Prison Crusade in SC.  Today we are in the middle of a southern "snow storm".  (An inch of snow!!)  The prison officials cancelled all prison services for both today and tomorrow and possibly on Sunday morning.  While this disappointing for all of us who traveled so many miles to participate in this crusade, my heart is grieving for the men and women in prison who were looking forward to the interaction with the volunteers and the evening services.  

Here are the 2 requests:  1.  Pray for the prisoners that they would go to God with their disappointments.  2.  Pray that we (the volunteers) will receive a fresh anointing from God as we spend time together this evening.  3.  Pray that prison officials will allow us to share with the prisoners on Sunday morning.

Thanks!  Pray without ceasing!!


  1. Dear Family,
    It goes without saying...
    We know God has a reason for all things...
    Our thought's and prayers are with all of you!
    The Mayo family

  2. Sounds kinda silly to think of cancellations over 1 inch of snow when we have had 3+ feet here in the last week.=) Nevertheless, I will be praying for you that God would use this situation to bring glory to Himself.


  3. I just dreamed last night that we were somewhere to hear you sing, it was you and one other group and we were the only audience! We aren't nearby to be the audience, but maybe the Lord will use you in some other way this weekend! I will be praying.


  4. Dear friends,
    We have been praying...how are things going today?
    The Mayo Family

  5. friends,
    we have been praying. how wonderfull is it that you can go there and do that!!And God truly is mighty and amazing!!


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